Mitt Romney Booed at Utah GOP Convention

Well, if you ever wanted to know how Utah residents feel about Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) turning his seat into a personal pilgrimage against Donald Trump, one need only watch his recent appearance at Utah’s GOP Convention.  

Rather than representing the people that elected him, Romney had made it his sole mission to destroy Donald Trump.  

However, the problem for Romney is that many of the people he is supposed to represent love Trump.  

That was pretty evident by the reception he received when he took the stage this weekend… 

Another video is going around that shows it got much worse… 

However, with as much anger as we heard, Romney narrowly avoided censure, with only 711 of the 1509 available votes in favor of censure.  

Romney is not back up for re-election until 2024, but it remains difficult to see him being able to garner enough support or change enough minds to win that seat again.  

Source: Fox News 

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19 Responses

  1. He needs to be out of office NOW. Hes a RiNO Traitor to our country. People like him should NEVER be representing America. People need to pay attention to how they are voting for and what they stand for. Too much complacency and see what happened to our country!!?

      1. Man, he has this coming and is sooooo done !!! He does not know how to shut his mouth, does he ?

  2. Agree! The rinos in our party need to be voted out, we need true PATRIOTS, not rinos who block everything we republicans try to do. Murkowski, Romney, Cheyney, Collins, and others need to go. If they are not with us, they are against us.

  3. His own State showed him no respect so I guess he got the message loud and clear. This is what happens when you don’t listen.

  4. Mitt Romey, is a Communist Democrats, he might be under the Republican umbrella but he’s also part of the deep states. Why work for a company, buying up the small ones. and then take them apart killing off the American dream. I bet if you look, the company was owned by the CCP.

  5. Name recognition doesn’t mean you represent what that name stood for. Out with Romney! Go UTAH!

  6. The whote problem is not that Romney is weak politically, its that he voted for something that had no basis to be voted on the 1st place. His hate for Trump over ruled just plain common sense and the constitution. He chose to believe the lies because he wanted them to be true, not because they were true. A man with such poor judgement has no purpose representing anyone of us.

  7. He should not have won that seat to begin with. He more accurately represents the views of the Democrats than the Republicans. He ran on name recognition and then lied when he said he would support President Trump!

  8. Romney’s own worst enemy is Mitt Romney! Just another RINO! Both him and Liz Cheney should back their bags for the Beijing Biden downfall!!!

  9. Those democrats changed the vote count again so Romney was not censured. I live in Missouri but I wrote Romney and Cheney enough emails to let them know what America thinks of them both but it did not do one bit of good. What I hate is to hear Biden when he introduces any of his insane ideas and then he says: “This is what the majority of Americans want.” No! This is what Americans want: NOTHING from Biden, Cheney or Romney. They ruined a once great America.

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