More B-52s Deployed to Middle East

There has been an awful lot of chatter lately about a revenge attack against the United States over the death of General Soleimani.

The one-year anniversary has come and gone, but the big strike has yet to take place.

With growing threats, however, the Pentagon has decided to deploy more B-52s to the area to both deter and answer any possible strike from Iran.

Power Move

Even amid all the domestic turmoil that is taking place right now, we still have our foreign affairs to keep in line.

The riot at the Capitol could be perceived as a moment of weakness, inviting an attack from an enemy such as Iran.

For that reason, the Pentagon is making a power move to show more strength in the area to deter a possible attack.

Or, worst-case scenario, if an attack is attempted, the United States can respond quickly and decisively.

This latest deployment is the fourth such deployment over the last two months.

A U.S. Defense Department official stated that this mission and those like it that have already been carried out “demonstrate the U.S. military’s continuing commitment to regional security and deterrence to aggression.”

The route taken on this latest deployment was identical to a mission carried out on New Year’s Day.

Iran is and always has been unpredictable, but common sense would tell the terrorist nation to simply bide its time.

We all know Joe Biden will be far kinder to Iran than Donald Trump, but any attack against the United States would hinder any hope they have of Biden lifting current sanctions.

Right now, Iran’s economy is in a stranglehold, especially after the latest peace deal that was made that will cut off yet another income stream for the terrorist nation.

Biden is expected to not only lift the sanctions but to also re-enter the nuclear deal that was in place during the Obama administration.

Source: Fox News

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