Florida Sex Sting Nets More Than 150 Arrests

Governor Ron DeSantis is cleaning the state up.

A massive sting operation in Polk County netted more than 150 arrests.

Among those apprehended were teachers and a law enforcement officer from Georgia.

Operation Fall Haul II

Sheriff Grady Judd announced the sting operation on Friday.

Judd also announced that they found at least two possible sex trafficking victims, possibly more.

In all, 160 people were arrested.

Judd stated, “Our goal is to start services the moment that they are taken into custody and to treat them as what they are, victims, not as suspects in a criminal event.”

Some of the suspects are going to create considerable embarrassment.

Two Disney employees, a state corrections officer, a deputy police chief from Georgia, and several teachers were among those taken in.

It has been confirmed that the officer is no longer on the force.

It is somewhat concerning to me that we see teachers and Disney employees in this mix.

Both have been associated with grooming children with this new woke agenda, so this is clearly not just an outlier case.

Sheriff Judd is becoming a legend for these takedowns, creating a significant profile for himself in the process.

Source: Fox News

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46 Responses

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  1. Keep up the good work, Sheriff Judd! I’m praying constantly for America’s salvation. You’re obviously helping. Thank you!

  2. Keep up the good work Sheriff Judd! This guy s a roll model for law enforcement! Too bad Joe Biden’s son wasn’t involved! Thanks also to Governor Desantis. I wish all the Governors had the balls to do what you have done.

    1. God bless Governor Desantis and Sheriff Judd!! We are blessed in Virginia to also have a wonderful Republican Governor! We need many, many more excellent leaders in America to rescue our precious Constitutional Republic and freedom from the CORRUPT, GREEEDY POLITITIONS PRESENTLY IN CONTROL IN WASHINGTON! THEY OBVIOUSLY ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN ACCRUING GREATER WEALTH FOR THEMSELVES FROM OUR ENEMIES, AND HAVE ZERO LOYALTY TO OUR AWESOME COUNTRY AND OUR CITIZENS! I’M THANKFUL I DID NOT VOTE FOR ANY OF THEM!!!

  3. The Demorats hate this as they can’t hide from the law forever. Great job Ron and sheriff Judd. Now lets try to clean up Chicago and fill the jails.

  4. If only America’s governors take pages from DeSantis’ playbook. Imagine our country back to basic common sense, law and order. It would be miraculous! Praying for our country.

  5. This is amazing! Take down the perpetrators, find and help the victims — Great Public Servants! God bless everyone who helped Sherrif Judd get the job done.

  6. Please castrate all predators! They took away childhoods and need to feel the pain!
    Thank You to All Trying to Protect the CHILDREN!

    1. Historical data from Germany shows that men who are manually castrated very rarely commit any crime after being released from prison.

  7. In these evil days we live in as people who know they are children of God we must at times do what is required to regain control. All criminals should be judged on the spot and if guilty executed immediately with what ever method is handy at the moment. All politicians that are found guilty of any lying or other crimes should be put in stocks in front of OUR Capital Building so we could punish them in OUR way. I would imagine it would be SRO with the turds that have been elected illegally or not. Not worried though. All has been previously written. Evil will be crushed under the foot of our Mighty Archangel St Michael.

      1. I hate to say it however there are a lot of Democrats republicans and independent on that list. Why do you think the black book hasn’t been produced? Most politicians were involved with Epstein.

  8. So glad to see this great news. Give these perpetrators the stiffest of penalties and keep them out of circulation for as long as possible. Go sheriff Judd.

  9. Isn’t it amazing how ignorant this segment of our society is? I think they should be locked up and then be forgotten about like the so-called insurrectionists were following Jan. 5th. Let them sit in jail for a year before hearing any of their cases in court. What is fair for one group is fair for all.

    1. You got that right unless they happen to be untouchable Democrats. William our government officials no longer know the meaning of fair I’m afraid.

  10. since we in fl has such a grate gov .think the other states might learn how a good gov should there job. and try it for a change

  11. this country has a president who is a pervert , who likes to handle children ! there are a bunch of democraps who liked the epstines plane !more information lost by a corupt fbi and doj ! we need them all gone !

  12. i think the republicans should be more forsful in doing more for our beloved country. our forefathers fought fot our freedem of speacg and our right for freedem. the dems are trying to take that away from us.

  13. Take out the trash. Make sure they get alot of time in jail. As soon as the rest of the inmates find them out they are realky done.

  14. When are conservative politicians going to FIGHT BACK!!!!!
    What are they waiting for—a majority????
    They can fight back with a 50 50 split in the Congress!!!!
    I guess they want to keep theire seat warm!!!
    The Dems fight back whenever they want to!!! & keep



  16. Making a name for himself, has your mind become so tainted with hate and did not consider he just wants clean out the trash. To all caught, in the jail population they spit on chickenhawks like you! NBC did a show like this, where they would lure chickenhawks and interview them before the Cops take them away. Might be on youtube?

  17. The sad thing is that most Democratic citizens don’t think their party is doing anything wrong. They won’t believe when you tell them what’s going on. They call your reports just right wing propaganda. Do they have blinders on? Or do they really believe all this Woke trash? It’s so silly that I can’t believe how anyone could swallow it. God help us in our country to unearth the truth underneath all the lies that Democrats are spewing at us and our children.

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