Mourners Outraged Over Logo on Queen’s Hearse

It looks like the man tasked with preparing the Queen for her final rest decided to try to make some extra cash off the deal.

When the hearse departed Balmoral Castle, mourners noticed a logo on the hearse.

Mourners blew up social media with outrage that the man would dare to have his name on his hearse for the Queen’s funeral procession.

Have You No Honor?

The journey from Balmoral to Holyroodhouse is about six hours.

By the time the hearse arrived at its destination, the owner must have gotten work regarding the outrage, so the logo was removed at some point.

One mourner posted, “Glad to see that the William Purves logo was removed from the Queen’s hearse somewhere along the route. Sad to see that it was there in the first place.”

Another wrote, “Sad days when the funeral director makes sure he gets free advertising all the way to Edinburgh. You should be ashamed of yourselves, William Purves.”

Now, I have to be honest, I think these people are being just a bit silly about this.

In virtually every funeral I have ever attended, the company’s name was on the hearse.

And the logo itself was not large, just a small sticker on the side window with the name of the company.

Can’t blame a guy for trying to make sure everyone knows who the Royal family trusted with the Queen, right?

The Queen’s body will be flown to London in preparation for her funeral on September 19.

Source: New York Post

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19 Responses

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  2. At the majority of the funerals, I have seen the name of the company entrusted with the movement of the
    remains to the gravesite was displayed in a dignified manner on the Hearse. I fail to see why this would
    not be true for the Queens remains. Unless they had made other arrangements to remove any and all
    advisements from the vehicle I do not see a problem. I do not know the Royal Protocols for such an event
    dealing with a Head of State though.

    1. James, most funeral homes display a cast metal name sign in the rear door windows of the hearse. They are attached to the windows using a metal plate that slides down into the door where the window goes up and down, and wing bolts with a flat base on them to keep it secure.

      It is a way to advertise in a dignified manner, and I see nothing wrong with it.

      1. Agreed, usually it is done very tastefully. Let well enough alone, don’t we all have more important things to worry over right now!

  3. Oi! Don’t forget the logos of the company that built the vehicle, the company names on the sidewalls of the tires, and the license plates that can be traced to see who the vehicle is registered to !

    1. I thought the hearse was used for royalty only. They said it was specially made and the the Queen had approved it since it was designed to show the coffin better.

      If that’s the case there should not have been a sign attached.

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