NC Police Officer Murdered Serving Mental Health Order

We have a story for all those liberals that want mental health professionals instead of police officers to answer mental health calls.

On Monday, a North Caroline Police Officer was shot while serving a mental health order.

On Tuesday, he was pronounced dead.

Not a Good Idea

Wayne County, NC, Sergeant Matthew Fishman was serving involuntary commitment papers.”

While the papers were being served, a 23-year-old man opened fire, shooting three officers.

Two are still recovering, but Fishman succumbed to his wounds the next day and passed.

Wayne County public information officer Joel Gillie announced, “It is with profound sadness that we report that Sgt. Matthew Fishman has passed away from injuries sustained in the line of duty yesterday.”

Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper added, “Today I want us to adjourn this meeting in honor of Wayne County Sgt. Matthew Fishman and all of our law enforcement officers who are courageously doing their jobs and have been injured and killed in the line of duty.”

After the shooting, SWAT officers were able to breach the home, where they found the alleged shooter dead, apparently having committed suicide.

Source: Breitbart

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14 Responses

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  3. Because the leftist are idiots. Plain and simple. We need to go back to asylums that can put people with mental health and drug problems where they can’t hurt themselves or others.

    1. Agree 100% – back in the day when we had mental health facilities where a person could check in or a family member, the court or the police could get someone committed it helped alot. How about reestablishing mental health facilities and allowing valid commitments with a court order or voluntarily? Safety for all!

    2. They still hurt those that are trying to care for them even when locked up.I worked on a locked psych unit for a few decades. I had several broken ribs 2 concussions, torn biceps, elbow injured. I, though, survived but there are several that don’t.

  4. Okay, we’ll leave these news articles and their comment sections for you get-rich-quick work-from-home MORONS. Like a disease that slowly takes over your body and kills you, these trash listings ARE EVERYWHERE AND SPREADING.

  5. The bureaucracy and the ignorant bureaucrats think the action of the mentally ill who comment murder like this should be addressed. There are tens of thousands out there that they know about like this one that they DON’T do anything about until it’s too late!! In this case they were trying to get this guy to a mental health facility for treatment. Unfortunately, it went south on them!!

  6. Im not surprised and it’s going to get a lot worse. Creating traceable currency is very illegal and I’d expect the Supreme Court to throw it out. It’s certainly an invasion of privacy among other illegal activities.

  7. A lot of elections today. Did you see how many stupid people voted for democrats? In Michigan they voted for a terrorist again in Detroit. Another one was voted for is some woman who Obama backed and the stupidity was in full swing in that district.. Michigan is a hell hole. The Muslims have taken over several cities and the cities have turned into third world cities. Most are not American citizens. How do these get to run cities keep their rotten ways against women and little girls. Governor is pushing these people. Our stupid people in Michigan vote for these unamerican low lives.

    1. Well from what I read about Ilhan Omar from Minneapolis, she actually paid people for their votes! And I am sure she didn’t come up with that by herself (she is not that smart!).

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