Nate Silver: Pfizer Pressured by ‘Liberal Elites’ to Delay Vaccine

If you do not recognize that name in the headline, Nate Silver is the founder of the Disney-owned FiveThirtyEight political news and analysis website.

This is THE source for polling data in this industry, at least for me.

It is one-stop shopping for polling results and data related to elections.

As you may have noticed, I often refer to it because it has the most up-to-date polling results from every national poll for every race.

Silver has been digging into the timeline of the vaccine approval, and he just dropped a bombshell I don’t think anyone ever expected.

The Bombshell

This all started when Politico pushed a report trying to blame Trump for pushing the FDA to approve the vaccine too quickly.

This is stage two of eliminating Trump, by pushing any blame on him for anyone that has health issues from the vaccine.

Mind you, Trump is not the one that forced anyone to take the vaccine; Joe Biden did that.

Not to mention that after Biden took office, everyone in this administration gushed over the vaccine’s safety, but I digress.

After the Politico report came out, Silver responded, actually defending Trump.

He also suggested that the powerful liberal elite were pressuring Pfizer to delay the vaccine until after the election to ensure that Trump did not score a win with voters.

The only thing that shocked me about that was people doubted liberals would put an election win before the health of Americans… of course they would!

Here is the beginning of the Twitter thread that started this bombshell…

Now, keep in mind, the Pfizer vaccine was not approved for emergency use until December 11, 2002, about a month after the election was held.

Now, I have not exactly been flattering to the vaccine, but I understand why it was pushed so hard.

My real problem is that people were forced to take it, which I 100 percent disagree with on every front.

I have been ever harder on the vaccine with reports of side effects being hidden, as I believe if you are going to rush a Gen1 vaccine to market, the people taking it should have every bit of information to make an educated decision on whether to take it.

I would also note that there have been recent reports that the Biden administration pressured the FDA on boosters, especially for the kids, yet Politico is focused on Trump.

I have openly stated that if something hits on this front, both administrations have some blame to take, as this was far from a one-administration show in terms of getting that needle into people’s arms.

And, again, if everyone was so worried about Trump pressuring the FDA, why did Biden switch his tune so quickly after he was given the election?

There is a lot that smells bad here, which Silver seems well on his way to clearing up.

My opinion… Politico is laying the groundwork to have something to use on Trump to take him out if he decides to run for office again in 2024.

They dare not go after the governors that forced COVID-positive patients into homes, probably killing tens of thousands of Americans, but they have no problem putting outlier cases on Trump to protect Democrats.

That is not journalism, my friends; that is state media.

Source: New York Post

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15 Responses

      1. Those evildoers criminals were trying to kill as many people as they could and they did don’t you people get it those evildoers have been trying to get rid of people they hate America and the American people

    1. Yes, look what Biden did to the military. How many people in the military was basically fired because they refused to take the vaccine.

  1. I would love to have the site where side effects of the Pfizer booster shot is listed. I suffered and am still suffering from this Booster shot. Sandy

  2. Yes I had it before shots were started for a month stayed home but was sick in bed the whole month!!It affected my hearing,sight,lungs,stomach , intestines then whenI got shots and boosters was sick from them !!! Wish I would never had them.

  3. It’s a shame there isn’t a way for the general public to know the actual truth regarding all of it but with the local media on the take from the Progressives I understand why there isn’t.

  4. Scumbag Liberals and Democrats (I repeat myself) should all be lined up against walls and SHOT. Every. Single. One.

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