National Guard Deployed in Philadelphia to Quell Violence

The city of Philadelphia has been a war zone for most of the last four nights.

State officials have finally wised up and activated the National Guard to quell the violence in the streets.

Using our military in situations like this is the last resort, but local police are clearly overwhelmed and this violence must be ended.

Send in the Troops

Ideally, our troops serve as only a deterrent and are actually never needed in a situation such as this.

For the last few days, however, thugs have taken over the streets, looting stores and damaging property.

It had gotten so bad, in fact, looters were shooting looters, with almost a dozen people shot just two days ago among rioters.

Reports have broken that police have been ordered to more or less stand down, empowering these thugs even more.

That will hopefully end now that the Guard is on the job…

And this is a recap of what has been happening around the city of Philadelphia…

As usual, though, Democrats are blaming this incident on everyone but the individual with the knife.

Former Philadelphia Mayor John Street (D) stated, “I think this is a failure of leadership.

“We take nine months to train someone to be a member of the Philadelphia Police Department. We spend tens of thousands of dollars.

“It is inexcusable for those police officers to be there without the proper equipment.

“The only person that you can hold responsible is the leadership of the city.

“That situation should of never have happened.”

Ironically, Street is calling out his party, because Democrats have been in charge of Philadelphia since 1952.

It is also rather ironic that the current Democrat mayor, Jim Kenney, is talking about reallocating police funds to other programs while Street is complaining the police don’t have enough resources.

Street is right, it is failed leadership in the city, but it is Democrat failed leadership, a part in which he played when he was elected as the mayor from January 3, 2000, to January 7, 2008.

You can read more about this report on Breitbart.

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My heart goes out to the students of Oxford High School in Michigan.

Heartbroken at the lives taken from us, and I am praying for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.

Biden’s foreign policy puts terrorists first:

*He gave Afghanistan to the Taliban.

*He’s working to lift sanctions on terrorist-funding Iran.

*Today, he legitimatized the Marxist terrorist group FARC by removing them from the list of terrorist organizations.

Biden won’t take responsibility for Afghanistan, for the border, for inflation, or for gas prices.

In Biden’s mind, the buck stops with everyone but him.

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