National Guard Troops Activated for DC Rally

The Capitol Police do not appear ready to make the same mistake twice.

With the Justice for J6 rally stirring up concern, the National Guard has been called up to help with any possible problems during the rally.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced that 100 Guardsmen would be in the area to support Capitol Police and other security efforts on Saturday.

Activate the Troops

The rally itself, per the organizers, is not meant to support or call out any candidate.

Instead, the rally wants to concentrate on the treatment of those arrested as a result of the January 6 rally that turned into a riot at the Capitol.

Some 600 people have been arrested for the role they played on that day.

Trump and his supporters have distanced themselves from the rally.

The rally is being organized by a former Trump staffer who worked on his campaign’s digital side, which makes little sense to me.

If he truly was a Trump supporter, one would think he would stay away from such a controversial subject and the possibility of having another riot near the Capitol.

With the current news cycle, why even risk something that Democrats can use to flip the horrific news cycle that Joe Biden is having right now.

And, make no mistake about it, if a single punch is thrown or a window is broken, there will be far more outrage over that than the fact Biden left Americans behind in Afghanistan or disintegrated 10 civilians with a drone strike.

Trump himself has criticized the event, stating, “On Saturday, that’s a setup.

“If people don’t show up, they’ll say, ‘Oh, it’s a lack of spirit.’

“And if people do show up, they’ll be harassed.”

He is 100 percent correct… this rally should never have been organized in the first place.

As I stated the other day, there is simply too much momentum at stake right now to risk it over a few hundred people getting out of control or a group like ANTIFA or BLM showing up and starting an all-out brawl on the streets of DC.

Source: Daily Caller

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27 Responses

  1. If we had a president that actually cared about America these troops would be protecting our border. Instead we have them protecting an administration that is scared because they know their agenda is evil and wonder how long they will continue to get away with screwing us over.

        when BLM & ANTIFA were burning down Police Stations
        and ransacking businesses before they set them on fire???
        Not one arrest or conviction!
        WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!
        HA! HA! HA!
        The founders of BLM stole millions from them and purchased
        Expensive Properties and than QUIT!!!!

    1. Biden and his cronies are hiding behind a barbed wire fence because he is a murderer of 13 soldiers , children and Americans all over the fact that the closure of the Afghan war was over China wanting the wealth of the mineral rights and Bidin getting a huge cut in in said wealth the he’ll with who died and lost their lives or will lose them in the future when China takes over our America and starves us all to death in the name of communism and Bidin lies . and Democrats

    2. Spot on—the problem is the “broken” Border with Mexico since the feckless Biden GANG took over January 20th—2021—-KICK THE BUMS OUT; but, by using America’s Military. What is being done by this Administration are several major acts of treason and treason needs to be handled by Military Tribunals, not the Marxist style Rioting and burning the Democrats have encouraged.

  2. Although I agree with their reason and reasoning I don’t think this really should happen. There’s not a doubt in my mind that the left will have both blm and antifa will be there and will instigate as much violence as they possibly can. Of course it will all be blamed on Trump supporters.
    Please cancel this event before its too late.

    1. you are right! The left has surely invited antifa and Blm to cause trouble like they did Jan 6 and took NO Blame for what they did. BLM and Antifa are ALLOWED to riot, burn, loot, and Kill with NO consequences. They are exempt from the law. camilla will bail them out if they get caught doing destruction to the capitol. These clowns need to go. Yes we need to free the ones arrested for no reason Jan 6. Don’t know if there is any justice left in our court system. They need to know BLM riot on a daily basis, which is ACCEPTABLE but One incident Jan 6 where BLM infiltrated to make the riot look like Trump supporters (and they were PAID to do it) is not anywhere comparable to the DAILY damage BLM does to our citizens and cities. These hooligans need to be sent to Cuba. Some of them aren’t even Americans; they are just coming to get paid for the dirty ‘job’.
      WHERE is Justice in our country!??. There IS NONE!We are now third world communist America. God save us from these people.!

      1. get the cameras out and take pictures of faces so they can be cross referenced to prove BLM caused the trouble in DC. (as well as all the other places they attacked across the country.)

  3. If anybody shows up it will not be Trump Supporters. It will be the other side who will cause the mess and blam the Trumpers again! We all know this is another setup!

  4. Now will any upsing be actual Repulican Trump supporters I think it will be posers not true Trump Supporters. Democrats posing like on Jan 6.

  5. This stinks of another “set-up” narrative, to feed to the media to frame another attack on right wing conservative anti-vaxing American’s. Who refuse to consistently NOT listen to the lies being spewed by this administration and by an un-ethical bias media. Step into my web, says the spider to the fly. There is no point in this rally, when credibility has all but been destroyed. The foundation of this government is true and in tact. But, the folk’s in it, “right now” will they are treasonous as hell. This is a captured nation by a few, sitting on a huge “powder keg”. We don’t need anymore rallies or rhetoric, we need a reckoning.

  6. Set-Up, Set-Up, Set – Up, Stop this rally now ! The Demon crats are anxious to blame the Trump followers and Trump cause they have not had enough evil in the past to stop doing the EVIL THEY WANT since they have not finished being the Devils of America !!!!

  7. Another set up just like the one on Jan. 6th where an innocent woman by the name of Ashley Babbitt was shot and killed by an officer who fired without warning ! This never should have happened ! Their were no threats to the Capital or those in it . It was a set up by Pelosi , Schumer and the other evil that is trying to take down our country ! It was Antifa and BLM along with a few others even some from the main stream media who got paid big money to carry this on lan out of the deep state ! They wanted to blame the Trump Supporters who were still listening to President Trump give his speech when the rioting started ! Their timing was off !! President Trump and his supporters did nothing wrong and they tried to impeach him a second time anyway ! That failed too. The deep state will pay for all their crimes !! They are Not Above God even though they thought no they are !! Judgment Day is coming for them and All those who have committed crimes against God and Humanity !! Against the Nation that God created !! 🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

  8. So the only reason they did what they did with the fence is because they know they CHEATED in this last election they did not win they threw out ballots they filled out ballots they absolutely cheated there is so much evidence against them it is pathetic to watch I will never watch FOX NEWS again they helped I’m on Newsmax now they are the only true news out there on TV.

  9. why should the national guard protect those comunist in dc.they are not more important than the border mess biden has constructed !

  10. It was another one of their false flags. Nothing was going to happen and they know it. Jan 6 was another one only they made sure it went off like they wanted it to. And it got them a dig on Trump again.

  11. ….and that is EXACTLY what Antifa and BLM will do if there is another Rally…to make sure it Never stays calm and productive …..but starts with the running and destroying places and people….then blaming it on POTUS TRUMP’s people and POTUS TRUMP…..steer clear of giving BLM and Antifa any reason to destroy public property etc. I never believed the first one was not a set up in what happened esp. seeing a photo of Biden with a leader of Antifa…smiling and being all friendly…!

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