Navy Sailors Who Reject Vaccine to Be Discharged

Slowly but surely, all of the penalties for military personnel who refuse to take the jab are being revealed.

The Pentagon chose to keep the disciplinary measures vague, more than likely hoping it would not have to face mass discharges.

With deadlines now approaching, Navy personnel, like the other branches, will face discharge and other disciplinary measures for refusing the vaccine.


The NAVADMIN statement read, “In order to ensure a fully vaccinated force, U.S. Navy policy is to process for separation all Navy service members who refuse the lawful order to receive the COVID-19 vaccination and do not have an approved exemption.”

That order is almost identical to the Army order that was given earlier this week.

Active-duty Navy personnel had until November 14 to get the first jab and November 28 to become fully vaccinated.

Personnel not meeting those requirements could also be forced to return pays given to them by the Navy.

The order stated, “Bonuses, special pays and incentive pays become unearned when a Navy service member refusing the vaccine is no longer performing duties for which they are receiving such a bonus, special pay, or incentive pay.”

Between active-duty Navy and Navy reserve, there will be almost 30,000 sailors being discharged for refusing the jab.

Their service record, time of service, duty record… none of that matter.

They are all about to lose their career so Joe Biden can get his stats.

Source: Fox News

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47 Responses

  1. This is outrageous but a perfectly good way to thin our military in order to allow foreign intervention. Biden is a horror.

    1. Thus, the reasoning behind all the traitorous decisions of the current administration. People need to understand these traitors care nothing about America nor Americans. They are greedy bas….s only wanting more $$$$, power and control. Why are we allowing these deep staters to get away with this?

      1. Because half the American voters are idiots, and the Republican “leadership” are impotent: all they do is talk, talk, talk.

    1. On top of everything else, it is NOT a lawful order, nor is it legal. According to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics law, “no member of the military will be required or ordered to participate in any human trials experiment”.

      Therefore on that basis alone the mandates are illegal. That doesn’t even take into account that it violates the constitution and international law as well.

    2. Absolutely correct. The chemical concoctions don’t qualify as vaccines which is why the FDA no longer refers to them as vaccines. These concoctions are the golden goose for pharmacticles to drag the scare on for long as they can. It wouldn’t surprise me if a whistle blower reported that a true vaccine was already created but continuing to sell the concoctions meant higher profits. Let’s see: first there was “the shot,” then the booster, then a shot for children, then the children’s booster, then back to another adult booster…$$$$. There have already been a few new billionaires in the pharmaceutical industries created by the never ending demand for the chemical concoctions pushed by Joe Biden. Too many known permanent side effects to make a temporarily effective concoction logical to take.

  2. I read this and wonder, what are commands going to do? If deployed and the person they discharge is in a job that is needed to preform mission. or if 2 out of 5 say no jab and deployed and are well trained. send them home, if there family is in housing, are they going to pack them out. If forwardly stationed in say Japan think of cost in just $. Are they going to take people at other commands and fill the void. More $. Biden has not thought this on out. Readiness, moral, and security will and has suffered. The Vax is only approved for emergency use only. As a retired Navy Man that was in time of peace after Nam, The Navy Lost a great number of its sailors to great jobs on the outside. Due to the stress of what next !!!!!! Longer deployment due to undermanned commands.

    1. Oh, I beg to differ. Biden HAS thought this out. He has deliberately weakened our military, gave the Taliban an army of state of the art munitions and armaments, infiltrated our country with rapists, drug cartels, pedophiles, murderers, etc. via the southern border, left fellow countryman in Afghanistan while transporting thousands of unvetted Afghans, made America dependent on foreign oil, and on and on. He’s leading us to be slaughtered and invaded. We have no American government. Still, nothing is done. Why would any AMERICAN president destroy the military. We are not a free country anymore. If Biden is allowed to continue targeting our military, America will be a done deal. I still have trouble grasping the destruction of the Biden administration.

  3. When are the people going to be able to get their voice heard and get our freedom back? This evil tyrant monster needs removed NOW along with his whole evil communist regime!

      1. Absolutely agree , they are taking away the freedom from the people that helps America stay free . Looks like they , the government is just using every excuse they can to put America in a compromised situation . If any one has the right to use their freedom of personnel choice , it is the people that fight for America ,

    1. That will happen only after We The People Hang Them All On The National Mall!!
      That should solve the problem for another 250 yrs!!!!!

  4. The time has come, where “We the people” must take back control of our country and rid it of those who continue to tear it apart. If we don’t we will all become slaves of communism. The guaranteed freedoms we have enjoyed will not longer exist.

    1. That’s the problem. The Republicans only talk, talk, talk. That’s all they’ve ever done. That’s the primary reason why I stopped donating to the Republicans. I only donate to challengers to primary out the deadwood republicans.

  5. They are doing this also with law enforcement. They are separating those that won’t do as they’re told when the order is given to go after the general public.

  6. We don’t have to worry about winning or losing a war with China or anyone else, we are being beaten from within. Our president and his minions are killing us from within.

  7. Joe blow can go take a hike it is un lawful and unconstitutional to force people to get vaccinated if they choose not to and to fire them if they don’t come on you As [email protected]#$%Ole read the [email protected]$%^king constitution you are supose to up hold it if you are a president oh thats right you aren’t our president your supposed presidency is not legal it is illegal

  8. Jimmie “Peanut” Carter, our third worst President after joey Bonehead and Nobummer, will be outraged because this move guarantees the forced return of the Draft to replenish the incredible manpower shortages this insanity will cause .

  9. Where the Hell is SCOTUS ????? how can they get rid of our armed forces just because
    they are using there freedom of speech ?? They choose not to have vaccination. they have the right
    to say what can go into to there body, NOT BIDEN ???? “LETS GO BRANDON”. AMEN!!!!!

  10. I guess that the American Patriots need to take their place and tell the Pentagon they are stupid following this idiot who told him to do that from GO BRANDON!!!!!!!!!

  11. The military has lost it’s mind! What will happen if we’re attacked by a foreign country? Are they that stupid? The mandate for vaccination has been stayed by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. I can’t understand how they can force this stupid vaccination for a disease that projects that 99.6% of the population will live through!! Obviously, they want us to become a communist country!

  12. First, the order is not “lawful” because even OSHA has rescinded the mandate.
    Second, I’m afraid that if they are separated from service overseas the current administration will abandon them and their families to their own devices overseas just like Afganistan.

  13. To hell with National Safety, National Security and adequate medical facilities and staffing. The damned government wants a jab and they are going to get a jab regardless of national immunity or not. We’re going to pay for transgender surgeries, but can’t afford to treat a few guys for Covid. What in the world is our Government doing? Let’s go Brandon!!!!

  14. Good that the military are being fired. The citizens won’t have to shoot them, plus they can join us to help take the country back. China would probably be more than happy to help as well, but they might double cross us and throw in with Buyed in.

  15. What is our government doing , decreasing our military strength so it will be easier to hand America over to who ever has the highest bid

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