Navy to Decommission 24 Ships

The United States Navy just made a major decision.

A total of 24 ships are being decommissioned.

That decision could put this country at significant risk.

Two Fronts a Problem

According to one of our top admirals, our country is in dire shape right now.

We knew our military was in bad shape when Trump was in office, but it seems to be far worse than we really knew.

Some of the ships being decommissioned have only been in service for only a few years.

The problem… the technology that was used is already obsolete.

Here is the report from Fox News…

Considering tensions around the world right now, it is not out of the question that we face two conflicts simultaneously.

Our adversaries are licking their chops to take advantage of Joe Biden, so this is definitely a concern.

Considering all the money that was just sent to Ukraine for its military, we have to wonder when America comes first.

Source: Fox News

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17 Responses

  1. America will “NEVER COME FIRST” under this corrupt administration. The goal under Barrack Obama was “to fundamentally transform America” and this mantra is still in full force today under the puppet President Joe Biden. President Trump was denied re-election by the very same people who are up to their necks in corruption. Americans: America is falling and if liberals don’t wake up, America will become a Venezuela Part II. Why there are so many people who have their heads buried in the sand is one big mystery to me.

    1. Speaking of Venezuela . . remember this everyone This is Biden’s plan and he must get it in effect before he can fulfill his plan. As long as Americans have millions of guns and many more million bullets to shoot he can’t ever fulfill his (and Obama’s and Soros’s and Pelosi’s, etc) mission. Above all keep your weapons! “In 2013 Venezuela stopped issuing new firearm licenses, and in 2017 government banned carrying firearms in public places. The government declared that more than 15,000 firearms were confiscated in 2018. Sixty disarmament centres were created in the country and the penalty for illegal firearm possession was raised to twenty years imprisonment.”

  2. This is the continuation of Barry Obama’s mission of disabling our entire military. We sit back and watch as the Democratic Party dismantles our country right before our eyes and we do nothing. Is there anyone in our government that isn’t corrupt?

  3. I agree w/each comment. SAME QUESTION “IS THERE ANYONE IN THE IN THE WH, DOJ, FBI, CIA, CAPITAL POLICE, AGs, DAs, BIDEN OR HIS ADMINISTRATION W/THOSE EVIL SATAN GENERALS, DEM CONGRESS, RINOs who are bit “corrupt” get that AW soros, schwab, obama, gates, klain all those globalist along w/the “EVIL SATANS in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA out “NOW”

  4. Trump did approve 78 billion for the US for defense equipment now what happen also is When b i d e n went into office is he left 83 billion in military weapons and equipment in Afghanistan and lied about getting all american’s out of Afghanistan and the military and security did not know if all of the people from Afghanistan were ok to come to America there were some so called bad people within that group just like good ones just like what is happening at the South Texas border all i know is that all the corruption going on is of nothing but the leftist we
    cannot let this keep happening come this November we need to get out and vote & also support our fellow American’s protecting the voting locations making sure that no one is duplicating votes or stealing votes.

  5. Why are we doing this We are in need of our military. Including these ships. We spent a fortune during TRUMPS tour upgrading. our military. We need these WHAT IS THE COST OF ILLEGALS PER WEEK. WHO HAS THAT NUMBER. It’s in the billions keep our military strong and build the wall stop illegals NOW

  6. OMG, are they serious? I just can’t wrap my mind around FJB and his administration…UNBELIEVABLE

  7. folks we are in big troub le in this country right now as biden dismantling our military the afghanstan exit
    and his following his handler,s direction….disasterous

  8. Equipment left in Afghanistan, military supplies being sent to Ukraine, and decommission of 24 ship … we’re very vulnerable to whatever China has up their sleeve.

  9. The Biden crime administration is not only bankrupting America , but has now led us into a recession and many believe that we are very close to entering a 1920’s style depression!

  10. Their plan (The Deep State) is to get us into a war that we lose so they can abolish the constitution and take the guns away, because they cannot get around 2A “shall not be infringed “

  11. Another colossal screw up by the Biden team. Didn’t the incompetence of Afghanistan teach us anything about our military leadership right up to the commander in chief?

    When we’re speaking Chinese perhaps we’ll wonder what happened.

    Oh, my poor kids…

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