Nearly Half U.S. States Blocking CRT in Schools, Frustrating Democrats

The new woke culture of the Democrat Party may have finally gone too far.

Teaching critical race theory (CRT) in our schools has become a major push by the Democrat Party and liberal school boards.

Parents, however, are starting to push back, with roughly half the states now seeing efforts to ban CRT from being taught.

Two Views

This is one of those issues that seems to have two clear-cut sides in the argument.

Education Week recently published a report on CRT, stating that it is being perceived either as “a way of understanding how American racism has shaped public policy, or a divisive discourse that pits people of color against White people.”

This is also far from a one-sided push, as we now see more and more minority parents push back against CRT, calling it insulting and divisive.

Mixed couples are among the most prominent, arguing that since their children are both black and white, they would have to be considered both the oppressors and oppressed by CRT standards.

This, of course, does not even mention the ideas it would put into the heads of the children of these couples.

States are seeing a strong pushback on CRT now, and it is far from only red states pushing back.

So far, the following states have laws either in place or in the state legislature to ban CRT:

Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Idaho, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and West Virginia.

Of those states, seven of them have already passed legislation banning CRT in schools.

This is a crushing blow for Democrats who consider this curriculum necessary to instill their liberal ideology and wokism in our children. Yet, both liberal and conservative parents do not want to see it taught.

Source: Fox News

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34 Responses

  1. About time states and parents start pushing back and taking charge of what their kids are taught.

    1. Only a few decades late, but better than never. I’m amazed it took Americans so long to see the inherent anti-American doctrine embedded in this leftist theology being taught now for many years to our kids. We need to start firing radical leftists from teaching forever.

      1. Agree totally. I was raised in the 40’s and early 50’s in the South and damn well know about Racism first hand. I and many other teenagers enjoyed friendship with both adult and teenagers of the colored community during those years even though history & society kept us separated in so damn many ways.
        As a young man in the Military I experienced a closer relationship with my military brothers but outside the military nothing changed. Then along came George Wallace who really pushed racist attitudes beyond belief. Yes it is somewhat different today but now many people both black and white continue to push the racism for various stupid personal reasons.
        Will it ever end? Most likely but I will never see that long over do day ever come to America. Sad but a fact.

  2. Good too bad the blue states are traitors to the American history. Democrats don’t care about anything but power and money. Parents better demand this crap be thrown out of their schools. A lie about history and hate. Rich elites blacks pushing this like.Secretary of defense is pushing on the troops, big elites Hollywood nutcases. News outlets. Alot of other people who hate America and want it destroyed even though America made them very rich from capitalism. Tom Hank won’t stand up for America history. Too stupid to understand what Obama and Clintons and rest of democrats are doing to take down America.

    1. Yess so they can rape the young kids in the island that’s there Agenda teaching the millennial to hate America 🇺🇸 so they stay in power and corruption will continue .. I would like to see them in jail soon in Gods will .

  3. Georgia needs to get on this bandwagon. Our children do not need to know these horrible things especially at such an early age. Let them be children!

  4. Sleazy, Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden is walking a very fine line with his Democraptic Party. Even the Democraps don’t like Biden nor Kamala Harris. If he is not careful he might find himself, a target that has a big bullseye on his Cognitively failing body. I pray that this does not happen but, it is certainly something Biden should be aware of…. Wake up Joe before you become a target of your very own Political Party…. Nancy Pelosi really wants your JOB…

  5. The social liberals have forgotten what made this country the greatest on earth. Take seriously my fellow Americans what they are trying to do, ruin our children and military with this CRT. Remember what Russia`s Kruchev said many years ago,we will destroy the United States with out firing a shot. If we do not stand up to this communist woke crowd this may come to be a reality.

  6. Happy to hear my home state, Pennsylvania, is on the list to ban the extremely racist CRT. I pray that all 50 states will join the banning of this ugliness. The Marxist, racist Dumbocracks need to be stopped!


  8. Simply pushing back is inadequate and takes too long. Parents need to take immediate action to remove such school officials from their positions and drive them out of their communities.

  9. This administration does not speak for me. As children we figured out how to get along with our friends and school mates. These idiots don’t need to teach my kids when,where,or how to belong in our country.
    This administration was rigged from the beginning. NO BRAIN WASHING

  10. Strip all companies, people, groups from citizenship and credentials who are pushing CRT in America we do not need this. Obama is behind this CRT , we need to stop this stop Obama.

  11. Being a born and raised Hoosier, I want to know why Indiana is not on this list blocking these beliefs from being taught in our Middle and High Schools?

  12. of course my state Washington has not banned it and really needs to do so. Not good for children of any age. It is Marxism and communism all rolled into one way to try to destroy our democracy.

  13. if CRT is banned throughout the country…then the next step would be to get rid of all the POS democrats.

  14. CRT is the most ridiculous and unamerican thing that the dem/liberals/leftist have come up with yet. Of course common sense parents will object to it. What did they think the American people would do? Lie down and let it happen? Not in my backyard.

  15. Good for all those states, because what they are teaching is HATE, plain and simple HATE. Children do not judge their peers by color, nor should anyone else. This is part of the MARXIST teachings that for some reason most Democrats seem to be for. Why I have no idea, but if that is what they want, why don’t they go live in China, that is communist country. Leave our Democracy alone, this wasn’t a Racist country two years ago, but because of the Democrats they are pitting people against people, and its all because they want total control, it looks like that is a lot of racism. Look at the current Administration, its not a Democracy its a DICTATORSHIP. Please citizens we need that party completely gone. I’m not saying we can’t have parties, that is what we should have. But the Democrats are so far into the sewerage, they are just very bad people.

  16. Vote the blue state governors out! Come on blue state people, even if you’re liberal can’t you SEE what’s going on? Please wake up if you haven’t yet, your children freaking NEED YOU.

  17. “People of Color” are always blaming white society on their failures, when it’s they themselves who are to blame

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