Nevada Governor to Hit the ‘Pause’ Button on Economy

During the election cycle, many believed that Trump was going to take Nevada.

They thought this because casino workers in the state were very nervous about a Biden win leading to another lockdown, which would all but kill the hospitality industry in the state.

Well, their worst fears just came true, because Governor Sisolak has just hit the pause button on their economy.

Pause It

It is very easy for government officials to halt the economy because they are going to continue to get a paycheck no matter what.

The tens of thousands of casino, restaurant, and bar workers that need business to remain open, however, will not.

They can’t serve drinks remotely and people can’t eat dinner on their computer, so when that register stops ringing, bank accounts start to dry up.

That means nothing to Sisolak, however, who recently announced he is going to bring the state of Nevada to a grinding halt…

Sisolak’s “statewide pause” will be in effect for at least three weeks.

To be quite blunt, we all knew a second surge was coming with winter, and have been talking about it for months, so why aren’t these governors better prepared for it?

This is not Trump and it is not the right-wing, just a bunch of elected officials with no foresight that are not doing their jobs… and the American people are going to pay for it big league.

Source: Fox News

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