New Evidence Hurts Kerry Defense Regarding Iran Accusations

Several days ago, a major story broke regarding former Secretary of State and current climate czar John Kerry turning over ally secrets to Iran. 

To those of us that have been following Kerry during his entire career, this was not exactly a surprise.  

The defense that has largely been provided to defend Kerry on this front, that this information was already widely known, however, has taken a major hit.  

Uh Oh 

When the story first broke, there was a loose translation of the audio provided by the New York Times.  

On Kerry telling the Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammed Javad Zarif, that Israel had, in fact, been behind 200 or so covert operations attacking Iranian interests, the Times reported, “Former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said.” 

According to the Washington Free Beacon, however, that is not the whole truth.  

The Beacon hired a translator to go over the audio word-for-word, and that admission by Zarif is far more detailed.  

The Beacon reported, “Kerry told me that Israel had launched 200 airstrikes against you [Iran],” said Zarif. “You didn’t know?” asked his interviewer. “No, no.” 

That little tidbit changes everything in terms of what they knew and what Kerry divulged to Iran. 

Maybe I am being extreme here, but to me, this is traitorous behavior that must be dealt with immediately. 

Regardless, Kerry should no longer hold any position or have any clearance in our government. 

Source: The Blaze 

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20 Responses

  1. Pull his security clearances, remove him from his post, charge him with treason and prosecute him! This is blatant treason! Not the first time either, don’t forget what he did in Vietnam Nam! Time for him to face the consequences, and NO little slap on the wrist, military tribunal is necessary!

    1. He and Jane Fonda should have both been imprisoned for treason years ago – but, of course money and the democratic political elite always protect and it’s just washed away. Absolutely no charges will ever be brought against Kerry for his treason this time either regardless the blatant evidence. My question is – was he acting alone? This smacks of an Obama-led ploy.

    2. Send him to Gitmo

    3. Horrible,
      Look who took care of him and Hanoi Jane. We still have corrupt people in offices that should be Hung and Hung HIGH to let the people we are not playing games but now with 2 Lame Ducks running the show nothing will ever happen God take care of our Children and Grand Children.

    4. He needs to be tried like any other person who has given secrets he has sworn to protect. He is another person who has used the USA to get very rich. He needs to go and go NOW!

  2. We used to try,convict,and Shoot tratiors…this must be done with this tratior,the rest of the DemonRats in the Swamp!

  3. We must remember people ; seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you . Matthew 6: 33 Without Jesus we have nothing !!!!! C.M.A. Love ya !!!!

  4. of course the sob is guilty. anyone following kerry long enough knows that dont send him to GITMO,. execute the traitor

  5. This is an obama thing….obama tells everyone what to do and they do it…obama is running this Country….He is a muslim and he wants to destroy us…A man from Cuba who came here said we better wake up. .they are doing what was done to Cuba…now take a good look at Cuba…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Las cosas en este pais van cada vez peor, con este gobierno, que ni siquiera tiene el pudor de ocultar los desastres que esta haciendo, desde el momento en que se filtro esta noticia el señor Kerry, debió RENUNCIAR, hasta que las aguas se aclararan o hasta que su culpabilidad se reconociera, pero, no, no lo hizo, y el presidente de este país, aunque dicen que está SENIL, cosa que particularmente , NO CREO, tiene la habilidad de mirar para otro lado como si nada pasara, asi, en el discurso de basura que dió ente el Congreso no abordó temas como La GENIAL Y ENORME CRISIS EN LA FRONTERA creada INTENCIONALMENTE POR EL, y de la cual culpa a TRUMP de forma completamente DESCARADA y hasta OFENSIVA, porque quiere hacernos ver a todos, como estúpidos. Hasta dónde está los Demócratas y cuando digo Demócratas, no me refiero a los TONTOS UTILES, que les siguen CIEGAMENTE, sino, a aquellos que pertenecen a una cúpula que no solo acabó con el partido sino que ahora planea acabar también con la DEMOCRACIA.

  7. If they don’t arrest Kerry for treason then In my opinion the AMERICAN people should start MARCHING !!!!!

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