New Hunter Biden Laptop Discovery – White House Scrambling

There’s one part of Joe Biden that’s even dirtier than we initially realized.

His little boy.

I’m of course talking about Hunter Biden, and am in no way implying you use your imagination to decide what Joe meant when he said “She was 12, I was 30.”

Hunter Biden’s laptop hard drive likely holds the evidence that Republicans need to bring about their red wave this fall.

Midterms are approaching, and Democrats are going to pay for not making the Biden’s pay.

Joe and his whole family have been protected for far too long.

Enough is enough.

The laptop is the key to ending it all.

“Committee Republicans seek this information to determine the extent of President Biden’s participation in these plans to sell America’s interests to China, a foreign adversary,” said Republican Representative James Comer from Kentucky. “Please produce all suspicious activity reports connected to China, including the CEFC venture contemplated by the maps and presentation provided herein describing a plan to sell America’s energy independence to China.”

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