New King’s Words Has England Cheering – Here We Go…

King Charles just hit an important milestone in any leader’s life:

His first address to the people.

Now, obviously, as such a public figure, Charles has always needed to be adept at public speaking. It’s not like he’d never given an interview before.

This however, was different.

He’s no longer Prince Charles anymore.

Meet King Charles III.

He spent much of his first address as King praising his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, for a lifetime of public service.

“I speak to you today with feelings of profound sorrow,” Charles said.

Keep in mind this man is supposed to be grieving the loss of his mother right now.

Instead, he became King the second she passed away, which left almost no time for personal reflection.

That’s why he had to do it in front of the entire world.

Good luck, Chuck.

The world is rooting for you.

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