New Mexico Governor Sexual Harassment Settlement Twice Disclosed Amount

Surprise, a Democrat just got caught lying.

New Mexico’s Democrat governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, has been less than honest about the sexual assault settlement she reached earlier this year.

Her campaign had previously stated a settlement had been reached with her accuser for $62,500.

However, new reports are now surfacing that the payment made was actually $150,000.

Another Lie Exposed

James Hallinan, who previously worked for the Governor as a campaign spokesperson, is the individual that filed the suit.

According to Hallinan, the Governor dropped a glass of water in his lap, apparently on purpose, then grabbed his crotch.

The alleged incident occurred at the home of State Rep. Deborah Armstrong.

Governor Grisham has and continues to deny the claim, stating that the suit was settled because she was “focused on the pandemic.”

Initially, her campaign stated that the claim had been settled for $62,500.

However, mandatory campaign finance reports revealed that Hallinan has been sent $150,000.

Grisham campaign spokesperson Kendall Witmer stated that the additional payments “resolved suspect and varied claims made by Mr. Hallinan, including his search for employment and clients following his tumultuous tenure on the 2018 campaign.”

“The campaign reached this settlement in 2020 due to the expense of litigating business disputes and to prevent any distraction during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Gov. Lujan Grisham will continue to work tirelessly for the people of New Mexico, delivering on record economic growth, educational investment, and tax cuts for New Mexico’s families — all while leading the state through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

So, I only have one question about this…

How do you think Grisham’s donors feel about their hard-earned money going to pay off her sexual harassment suit rather than helping her actual campaign?

Source: Fox News

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