New Trend on Twitter Shows Upcoming Problems for Biden Administration

Joe Biden wants to force Americans to put medicine in their body against their will.

When the sweeping mandates were introduced, it was easy to see that the resistance among those that do not want to take the vaccine will only become more significant.

That resistance is clearly here, with #IWillNotComply trending on social media.

The Resistance

When you tell people they have to do something, you immediately create more resistance.

Had a different approach been taken, as in not constantly shaming and targeting people that have not taken the vaccine, I believe far more people would have taken the vaccine already.

Instead, it became politicized from the outset.

During the election, Joe Biden said you could not trust the vaccine to be safe because Trump probably had the FDA skip some safety steps.

Now he is telling people they better take it or they could lose their jobs.

Conservative radio host Jeff Kuhner is among those resisting…

That hashtag has since gone viral, showing there will be significant resistance to forced vaccines.

Some of those attacking Kuhner for his stand stated that you could take a COVID test every week if you don’t want the vaccine, but that will more than likely not be covered and be an extra out-of-pocket expense for those not wanting to take the jab.

If this movement grows much larger, Joe Biden and company are going to have a real problem on their hands.

Honestly, it is almost as Joe Biden is poking the bear on purpose, hoping that some type of uprising occurs just so he can villainize the right even more so than he has already done.

We want to hear from those of you that have yet to take the jab. Will you follow the new mandate or will you fight it?

Source: Daily Caller

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84 Responses

  1. I will no get the shot dont trust it and realy they dint give u enough information about it and ive see people i know get very sick at the time they got the shot and also new a person that got the shot and then died from it so biden cant take this shot and stick it up his rear end were the sun dont shine

  2. The vaccine has metal in it and if you take it, put a magnet on your arm, it will stay there. The vaccine is deadly especially for healthy people and will make you sterile. It destroys your red blood cells and attaches to your organs and brain. This vaccine has killed 250 million people…..Yes, We should do as India has done and take ivermectin with vitamin c, d, zinc, and plenty of fluids. India once had many deaths now has zero deaths and zero cases of covid. Ivermectin is a malaria drug and is useful for cancer and had a nobel prize for the invention of the drug. Why doesn’t the government use this……Money…… those cold heartless monsters.

  3. No, I will NOT get the shot. I was against it when Trump was President and More against it now that Biden is FORCING it on Everybody. Biden has Screwed up this Country he should be Removed from office. He’s Incompetent and a TRAITOR.

  4. This vaccine magically gets approved by the FDA, after all these controversial lies. Now were forcing this. It is a covid host that will trigger all other strains they let loose on the public, its population control kill off . This vaccine doesn’t help or cure any virus. Now you need a booster?

  5. Theres no reason to take the man-made not vaccine. People would be wise to read up on it, because so far there’s no turning back and once it’s done .
    My choice and its NO!

  6. I’m not taking the vax simply because it has not been approved and the testing is on those that are being vaxxed now! There were no trials! The side effects that VAERS is reporting are worse than the illness that for most is 99.9% survivable with no medical issues. Biden says it has been approved but the injection that was approved isn’t yet on the market and won’t be before October. I’ll wait to see what the millions that have taken it show us.

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