New York Times Trying to Sell ‘Boring’ Biden Over Trump Presidency

Since Joe Biden has been in office, his press conferences have not exactly set the world on fire.

This is a major contrast to Trump’s presidency, where the media set the world on fire every time he looked at them cross-eyed.

Biden’s strategy from the outset was to portray a much calmer atmosphere, but he is quickly losing voters’ interest.

So much so, the New York Times and other outlets are now trying to sell “boring” as a good thing.

Does Boring Work?

Nobody can deny the excitement and commitment Trump generated from his supporters.

He is one of the few presidents in this country’s history that evoked rock-star status when he made public appearances.

Before I really get into this, watch this segment on Fox News and listen to how a journalist from The Atlantic tries to sell this…

To address one point he made regarding the polling, that is NOT what people are saying.

Biden is getting bad scores across the board on everything but the pandemic, which is actually saving his approval rating right now.

With the Delta variant starting to increase positivity rates, do not expect that to hold much longer.

Biden is already starting to go underwater in some polls, and I suspect that he will be under 50 percent in most by the fall.

Now, back to the point of selling boring…

Doing a quick search of NY Times headlines on Biden, three times in the last week or so, the NYT has pushed boring as a good thing, but they are dead wrong.

Biden is trying to sell a lot of partisan legislation to the American people right now with some rather large price tags.

If he cannot get people excited about that legislation, how will he ever get their support?

Compare the liberal chatter about infrastructure to the “build the wall” movement that Trump started and you can see there is simply no comparison to the enthusiasm backing the current resident in the White House.

Nobody likes boring, even after four years of Trump, so Biden better change gears fast or that red wave I keep predicting in 2022 could quickly rise to tsunami levels.

On second thought, stay boring, Joe, because it plays right into our hands.

Source: Fox News

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8 Responses

  1. Yes, Sleazy Joe is as exciting as paint drying. Yes, keep it up grandpa because I see a “lame duck” right around the corner. It would be nice if that duck status came before he got this “Bankrupt America Forever” legislation through.

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    1. Aren’t they all David?

      It’s about time everyone started seeing Trump was right all along!! He might have gone about things the wrong way, but he was right about so many things!

  2. Calmer? Calmer does not work that is very poor leadership since he has done noting but put America down. Doing for America works and jobs for Americans works, plus taking responsibility for the border crisis works and he has not taken any responsibility what so ever. Now he is doing Obama’s work and that is a no, no for the American people. Releasing terrorist is not good at all, they go back to being terrorists and killing people and destroying all their belongings. They come to the US and killing people and tearing up our country. I guess Biden likes for our country to be torn apart from what he is doing and these goals of his just don’t cut it. He copies from others and do what other did and did not work for America. Trump created jobs not take them away from the American people and he maintained that our prices on every thing did not sky rocket. Biden has done nothing for the pandemic in fact he shows he doesn’t care. Look at all the Dems that left Texas that are showing up with COVID – 19. LOOK AT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED SINCE BIDEN TOOK OFFICE. The Democrats did not care all they have wanted is power, spending power.

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