Popular Wisconsin News Anchor Unexpectedly Dies

The entire Wisconsin community was stunned this weekend.

Popular anchor Neena Pacholke died on Saturday.

Her cause of death was not immediately released.


Pacholke was a young, beautiful, talented anchor.

Locals were stunned to find out she had passed.

After her death, her station, WAOW, announced, “The entire team here at News 9 are absolutely devastated by the loss as we know so many others are as well. Neena loved this community and the people who lived here.

“She was a kind person with a big heart and a contagious smile and we will miss her greatly.”

Even though no cause of death was released, there is now speculation that this may have been a suicide.

We say that because the station attached a mental health awareness announcement to its post.

That seems to be the norm when someone takes their own life in a high-profile suicide announcement.

This is a developing story and we will update if need as more information becomes available.

Source: CBS 58

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  1. Lots of headlines lately about sudden deaths among young people without medical health histories. The medical experts that were silenced early on regarding their predictions of what is going to happen to people that took the covid shot is now happening.

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