Newsom Slams Gangs, Then Apologizes for Comments

California Governor Gavin Newsom has had a pretty interesting week.

Gangs of thieves have been targeting trains and emptying cars of their cargo.

They have then been discarding boxes and trash all over the area, with Newsom saying the “gangs” were making the state look like a “third-world country.”

Well, guess what… Newsom now believes he unfairly characterized the thieves by calling them gangs, so now he is apologizing.


In describing the thefts, Newsom stated, “This is organized theft. These are organized gangs of people that are coming out.”

He was quick to correct himself, stating, “Forgive me for saying ‘gangs,’ that’s not a pejorative.

“They’re organized groups of folks that move from site to site.”

Yes… God forbid we upset a bunch of criminals stealing property.

Pathetic… utterly pathetic.

What do you think of Newsom apologizing for his comments?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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14 Responses

  1. It’s organized crime, Newsom. You should have been recalled, instead of people fleeing the state of California to muck up other states!

  2. Our governor is an idiot and we all know it. He’s trying to bankrupt us here in Cali and doing a good job. More people are selling their homes and moving to another state.

  3. Newsom is being used by satan like pieces on a chess board. The only thing that can deliver him from the demonic spirit that is within him is JESUS. If there is any light or grace left in Newsom than I pray that he would humble himself, seek Gods face, pray and turn from his wicked ways and he then can be redeemed. If not than he will be like Pharoah was with the Israelites. AMEN

  4. How PC of that CA fruitcake! He can’t say “gangs,” but it’s OK that corporations and individuals are leaving CA in droves, that they have more homeless people defecating and leaving dirty needles on public property than any other state in the Union. It’s OK that murder and theft are rampant. But, he’s scared to death to use the word “gangs”?????? Why doesn’t he just go to work for Mars, the makers of M&M’s. They can put him to work relabeling all of their candy products so that they aren’t “racist.” Who knew an inanimate object could be racist? And, no mention of the fact that the products ruin your teeth, make you fat, and kickstart diabetes. Yes, I think Newsome is in the wrong job. He should join the clowns at Mars – where he can be “woke” and do no harm.

  5. Newsom ranks right up there with IDIOT Biden, and he also should be put OUT of office. He along with Biden are a total disgrace to this great country. And let’s not forget about Harris and the democRATS in DC either as they are all in the same boat. IGNORANT to say the least. But that’s just one man’s opinion..

  6. Newsom is part of the Pelosi crime family. All the money that has gone to California, is from the demo idiots in the House.. The Soros DA doesn’t help, by the time the police processes them, their out. I hope all the Soros DA are jailed and and sued for crimes against humanity, and treason. For not doing their jobs. Or criminal that they let lose, pulls another crime against their family’s then and only then they will lock someone up. Look at all the Democrats run states they all are having the same problem. If we turn them all Red, fire the whole governors administration especially the Soros DA’S, back the police, ICE, maybe we can clean up America again. Close the southern border, deport all of the illegals that cross the border.

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