Newsom Begs Hollywood to Stop Filming in Conservative States

Governor Gavin Newsom is trying to make a splash again.

He has been on an all-out assault against conservative states for weeks.

He has already picked fights with Florida and Texas, and now he is going after Georgia and Oklahoma.

Worry About Your Own State

Newsom made his plea to the film industry to stop using Georgia and Oklahoma because they are pro-life states.

His most recent ad states, “California is the best place in America to create.

“For 100 years, we’ve been the home for storytelling and storytellers.

“Together we built a creative community that includes unrivaled cast, crews, craftspeople, infrastructure, and technology.

“Robust tax credits and other incentives. The best culture.

“Most importantly, we share your values. So now, it’s time to choose.”

It sounds like an excellent slogan for California… Come to California, where we let you kill babies.

You can read more about this report on Fox News.

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13 Responses

  1. The man is a total IDIOT. He has ruined his state that used to be a beautiful and a nice place to vacation and have fun. Now it’s one big trash dump of homeless tents, crime, high taxes and illegals. I can’t wait for the criminals and homeless to move into all the vacated houses of all the people who are moving out and WON’T pay those expensive taxes. What do you expect from a dem who’s related to the Pelosi’s.

  2. Hollywood gone woke just like Newsom. As an actor, I stopped going to auditions because I want challenging roles. The racist woke see Latina & they only want me play a latina on the screen?! How boring is this? American talented people want challenges it is why we love the job.

  3. Lunacy! If Hollywood follows this, all red states should ban their product so they feel the pain of their decision!

  4. Who will LISTEN TO THIS STONED IDIOT! and HE is RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2024, give me a break! THIS JUST shows you that the DEMWITTS don’t HAVE ANBODY IN 2024, “above” ground that is!

  5. Suppression of freedom is growing in this country from Democrat elected politicians at every level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a democrat or a Republican.

    Replacing the dollar will collapse the economy and bring about a depression that makes the first one look like prosperity. People will lose their homes, their jobs and banks will go under without any chance of recovery. The other issue is invasion of privacy if either local or federal governments can track how and where you spend your money. Besides a violation of privacy another Constitutional right intentionally being violated.

    1. OH don’t worry about the Constitution, the dems are going to do away with the current Constitution and make one up so they can have all the power they want. The bad thing is we don’t seem to have the ball to stop them.

  6. Right. Come to California where we let you kill babies and also encourage changing boys into girls and girls into boys when they are too young to even know what that really means. I think Newsom is truly mentally ill and has completely destroyed a beautiful state.

  7. So, CA is a pro kill babies’ state, getting more like China every day, they kill babies if they think are too many boys or girls. And as far as Hollywood, how about we ban the showing or sale of movies made in any state that has any Dems in government positions? I think that would be a fair trade

  8. Because of Newsom I will never go to a movie unless at least 50% of it is made in a conservative state and will not go if any of it is filmed in Californicate!

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