Newsom Violated Vaccine Mandate… Hid Daughter NOT Vaccinated

Democrats should be the picture-perfect example of mandates.

Take Gavin Newsom, for instance.

During the height of the pandemic, he led by not doing any indoor dining… oh, wait.

During the pandemic, he kept his children at home to keep them safe from the virus… oh, wait.

Newsom made sure his children were wearing masks indoors at summer camp… oh, wait.

Yes, Newsom violated every one of those mandates, which led to a recall election, yet he somehow managed to crush his opponent in the race.

And here we go again.

After the FDA recommended children aged 12 and over get vaccinated, Newsom has been hammering Californians to get their children vaccinated.

So, he was the first in line with his daughter to set the example… oh, wait.

That’s right, slick Gavin has a daughter that turned 12 last month, and guess what? She is still NOT vaccinated.

Yet, Newsom announced a mandate in place since October 1 for all children 12 and over to be vaccinated for in-person learning, including private schools, where his children attend.

One would think his career would be over at this point, but he is now suddenly emerging as a possible frontrunner for the presidential ticket in 2024.

That, my friends, is how the Democrat Party works.

When you are corrupt and a hypocrite, you get put on the podium (see Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton as perfect examples).

Source: The Blaze

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6 Responses

  1. the modern demoncrat party is an unholy alliance of organized crime, labor thugs and trial lawyers. they kill babies to sell body parts until they run low on inventory. that’s when they rely on human trafficking.

  2. Wonder how many illegals voted “for” keeping Newsom? Or how many dumocraps voted twice. Or how many dead people voted? Highly doubtful only legal ballots were counted.

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