Newsome Says Migrant Busing Plan ‘Morally Reprehensive’ But…

Every Democrat in office right now is firing shots at the three GOP governors who are busing illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

California’s Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsome, is among them.

The only problem for him, in particular, is that his record shows he was doing the same thing, only with homeless people.

But You Did…

Newsom is throwing this shade to improve his national profile.

He has even gone so far as to ask Merrick Garland to pursue charges against these governors for “kidnapping.”

Governor Abbott responded to those charges, stating, “I know the law very well.

“We have followed the law to the T and made sure everything we’ve done comports with federal law.”

Yet, when Newsom was serving as the mayor of San Francisco, he did something very similar with homeless people.

The program, which Newsom discussed in 2006 with NPR, was considered his “brainchild.”

Newsom stated, “Remember, the vast majority of people that are out on the sidewalks are not from San Francisco originally, and they all have some contacts somewhere, a godparent, a mother, brother, sister, uncle, son, daughter.

“And those are the people, beyond anything else, that can help turn their lives around.”

When the program was investigated, PolitiFact found that 80 percent of the homeless were bused outside California.

What state was atop the list of recipients for Newsom’s program?

Why, that would be Texas, of course.

Newsom’s communications director, Erin Mellon, when asked about the Homeward Bound program, responded “There is no comparison between the two.

“SF helped people get home to their families. GOP Republicans kidnapped people for a political stunt.”

Source: Fox News

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