NFL Superstar Reveals Vaccine Bombshell – Left Loses It…

Aaron Rodgers has a word for the NFL officials that tried to force him and other players to get vaccinated against their wishes:


Sounds about right.

A recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience revealed the truth behind how the league handled COVID, including trying to manipulate its players.

“Look how righteous our league is, we have 95% compliance with the vaccine,” Rodgers began. “If you don’t, we’re going to send a stooge to your team to show you graphs of your vaccination percentage of your team compared to the rest of the league, which actually happened.”

“Day three of training camp they sent this stooge in and he showed these slides of what your vaccination percentage was as a team. What are you compared to the rest of the league? And I started asking him question about liability. ‘Oh, I’m not a lawyer,'”

He said straight-up that the NFL was bullying players.

Players were told they would forfeit game checks if not able to play because of COVID compliance.

Rodgers concluded by saying “You’re in here talking about these different things and you don’t talk about anybody’s personal health issues. There’s zero exemptions, you took out religious exemptions, you took out PEG exemptions, you took out anybody’s ability to have an opinion of I don’t want to do this.”

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