NJ Governor Murphy Caught Maskless Despite Mandate

In today’s episode of “Rules for Thee, but Not for Me,” we have New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

Murphy has been a staunch advocate for wearing masks, willingly putting mandates in place in New Jersey.

However, the problem, like many other Democrats, is that Murphy has been caught disobeying his own mandate.

Caught… Again

If you recall, Murphy has been caught dining indoors without a mask during the early stages of the pandemic.

He has also been caught on camera several times throughout this pandemic without masks when he did not realize he was being filmed.

This time, Murphy was attending a fundraiser for a New Jersey teachers’ union.

The union was happy as a kid on Christmas morning to have Murphy at the event, and pictures were flying all over social media with a maskless Governor living it up…

Suddenly, most of the pictures were deleted, which would be because they realized the Governor was violating his own mask mandate!

The pictures were taken during the Garden State Equality Ball at the Asbury Lanes.

Pictures had also been taken of the crowd in attendance, who were mostly sitting compactly at tables and, you guessed it, without masks.

State Senator Holly Schepisi stated, “The people of New Jersey are being told by this administration that they must comply, don’t ask questions or get labeled a knucklehead or worse while those demanding compliance flout the very policies they push.

“It is wrong.”

So, let’s file this one in the back of our heads the next time a New Jersey gym owner or restaurant owner is locked up for violating Murphy’s mandates in New Jersey.

We cannot wait to hear the spin come from Governor Murphy’s office because you know they will have a great excuse for why he nor the attendees were not masking up.

Source: New York Post

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