No Bail Not Working in California

What happens when you release a criminal with no bail?

What percentage do you think go on to commit a crime soon after that?

Is it 30? 40? How about 50 percent?

Try 70… that is the percentage of criminals released in a California county that ended up in the back of a police car again.

Prosecute Crimes

Between 2020 and 2021, 595 people arrested in Yolo County, CA, were released without bail.

Of those, 420 were re-arrested, which would be 70.59 percent.

Of those, 123 were considered violent crimes (20.67 percent).

This is not working, as the local DA alluded to during a recent statement.

Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig said, “When over 70% of the people released under mandated $0 bail policies go on to commit additional crime(s), including violent offenses such as robbery and murder, there is simply no rational public safety-related basis to continue such a practice post-pandemic, especially in light of the increasing violent crime rates across California.”

Thankfully, Yolo County has since ended the zero-bail program.

Keep in mind, this is a program many Democrats across the country are pushing for in the name of justice reform.

This is not reform; this is turning the asylum over to the inmates.

Source: Fox News

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