No Charges Files Against Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake

As if the temperature in the country was not hot enough, a bit more fuel is about to be thrown on the fire.  

On Wednesday, it was announced that charges will not be filed against Officer Rusten Sheskey of the Kenosha Police Department. 

Sheskey was the officer that shot Jacob Blake last summer in Kenosha, WI. 

No Wrongdoing 

Unlike the mainstream media, we all waited to make a call on the shooting until all the evidence had been revealed.  

When it was, it appeared that Officer Sheskey did the right thing in an extremely dangerous and volatile situation.  

Chief Daniel Miskinis noted that several investigations have been conducted into the shooting and all have cleared Officer Sheskey and he has been returned to duty.  

The statement by the department is below… 

All is not over on this front for Officer Sheskey, however, as it was reported last month that Blake filed a complaint against Sheskey for an unspecified amount of damages.  

Source: The Blaze 

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8 Responses

  1. People who break the law have no protection. Quit breaking the law and the police will quit shooting you.

    1. Love your attitude katydid, you hit it on the nail. Also get the illegal guns off of the street. They are such idiots.

    2. Not surprised to hear that Blake might try to sue the officer for damages. Give me a break. They are all waiting in line for the Gravy Train Express to award them millions. At the rate the Administration and Judicial System is throwing money away, the rioter, and criminal sector will all be the 1% and we will all be the “forgotten” and financially downtrodden. What kills me is the amount of emails/texts we are getting to hurry and file and pay taxes even if we cannot pay rent or buy groceries.

  2. I wish they would begin shooting all these so called peaceful protesters who are rioting , looting and burning cities down. They are terrorists, dammit. If you saw a guy walking down the street with a bomb, you would shoot him, wouldn’t you?

  3. The BLM movement along with the democrats/liberals have taken the steps that lead to police officer transgression !!! Compare facts of all police shootings – not what the media selects to “report” as news !!! A police force is to protect their community – not for the community to protect the police !!! It’s simple – don’t break the laws which society has put in effect to be followed !!! Terrorists are terrorists regardless of what they’re called !!! America is for Americans not for spoiled brats, cowards or thieves !!!

  4. I am a former LEO and I am estatic that this young officer was found to be without blame! Those that cry out for “blame” don’t have a clue what these officers deal with every day! They never know when they leave the house if they will see their front door at the end of a shift!

    This officer did what he had to do and he will have to live with that for the rest if his life! I pray for safety!

  5. I’ll make short and sweet, ANYONE who saw the footage of the encounter would have to agree that the shooting was justified. Blake himself, was solely to blame for his being shot. Officer Sheskey has no case to answer. Period.

  6. The problem is the criminal enjoys more rights than the victim or the officers who actually make the effort to do their job. The shooting was found to be a “clean shoot” in each investigation. Let the officer continue to do his job and move on. There’s enough corrupt officers to give police a bad albeit undeserved reputation, we don’t need the media disrespecting the good ones.

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