Nonprofits Warn Afghanistan Aid Going to Taliban

The United States is getting ready to send a healthy nine-figure check out taxpayer money over to Afghanistan for “aid.”

Take solace in knowing that we are more than likely funding terrorists.

At least that is what Sean Kilbrane, the programs manager for Save Our Allies is claiming.

Kilbrane stated that most of the funds “are not going to go in the hands of the average Afghan, it is going to go in the hand of the Taliban for food supply.”

Save Our Allies has been a major player in helping legal residents, citizens, and SIV holders escape Afghanistan.

A USAID spokesperson responded. “All funds are directed to closely vetted local and international partners on the ground with experience operating in complex environments such as Afghanistan.”

Kilbrane shot back that “aid won’t get into the hands of those who need it,” and “allocating portions to our nonprofits and organizations, here at home who are working on this, would make a [greater impact].

“The 14- and 16-year-old Hazaras girls we had to rescue from the street because the Taliban had killed their father, jailed the mother and were trying to track them down to be child brides as rewards, the LGBTQ community of which we have 60 … that we’ve been able to move to the safe spot and they are hiding for their life … those people will not be changed.”

What do you guys think?

Is this aid helping Afghan citizens or do you think that at the end of the day, the Taliban is getting it?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

  1. Taxpayers need to stop funding this government. Funding the enemy with Taxpayer money is ludicrous Need another million man march on Washington accompanied by the National Guard for security and to make sure the March isn’t taken over by radicals

  2. If people really think that money is going to aid then they are stupider than I thought. The Taliban run Afghanistan now not only did they take our Military Equipment now we are giving them our money. How can anyone think that man in the White House is helping America he is destroying it.

  3. I don’t think we should be funding a regime that is a terrorist organization. As with all other nations that we have sent relief to for humanitarian purposes it never reaches the people it was intended for.

  4. All of you thinking the TALIBAN will provide for the citizens???

    I’m trying to locate the feller that has the Brooklyn Bridge for sale!!!!

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