NYPD Officer Decks 19-year old Woman

Something you should never do is get in the way of an officer when they are taking someone into custody.

I would also not recommend putting hands on the officer or, better yet, slapping them in the face.

Tamani Crum, 19, did all of those, and she wound up flat on her back, holding her nose.

Not a Good Idea

Police were taking a suspect into custody when the neighborhood went nuts.

Crum was among them just as the scene started to get ugly.

She approached the suspect, and you can see them exchanging words.

Crum then appears to shove the cop, and when she gets pushed back, she slaps the officer right in the face.

His response, he traded a slap for a closed fist punch…

Was the officer right or wrong?

The usual suspects are already asking for his job, but let’s look at this from the officer’s perspective.

They were taking in a murder suspect and the crowd was getting out of control.

He had just been slapped in the face in front of the unruly crowd and he knew he had to get the situation under control right away.

My guess is instinct kicked and he leveled her.

Crum has already been charged with assault against a police officer, among other charges.

Forget the woman’s size and the fact it was a woman… she assaulted a police officer.

Exactly what did she think the outcome was going to be?

You tell us? Was the cop right or wrong?

Source: Daily Caller

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46 Responses

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    1. I totally back the blue! These young punks need to stop and think before they act…she got exactly what she deserves! They, police officers should all be respected. Yes I understand there are good and bad officers, but 9 out of 10 are wonderful! Thank you all for protecting us!

      1. The CLOWN that is asking WHY, needs some of the same ! Police necessarily do what is necessary in their job and anyone who has a bone to pick with them needs to join them for 6 months to get an understanding why some actions are necessary !

  1. She was obstructing an arrest, then hit the cop, give him a medal for not turning the other cheek to hit him again.

    1. Do stupid games, win stupid prizes. She got what she deserved, n hey, she can’t play the race card either. She’s lucky he didn’t do anything else. Go BLUE!!

  2. She got what she deserved. Don’t hit a police officer when they are arresting someone. Did she expect him to say excuse me when she was interfering?

  3. There were errors in grammar by the writer of this story. He wrote when they are taking someone into custody when referring to an officer. An officer is a singular individual which means the writer should have written when he is taking someone into custody. He also called an officer them when he recommended not putting hands on an officer or slapping them in the face. Should be him in this sentence. When you attempt to interfere with a police officer doing his duty you deserve to be arrested as this woman was.

    1. They were saying “all police officers” as an organization should never be interfered with while doing there job. That would include your City Police, Deputy Sheriff’s, and State Trooper’s!!!!! Ya got it now!!

    2. who cares? what an insignificant and non relevant point. You must dwell in the narcistic netherworld of self perfection and not in reality. I think we ‘all’ get the gist of the report.

  4. Good for the Cop!
    He should have hit her 2X.
    Once for Payback and again for making him Arrest her (paperwork).
    You don’t start sh** You don’t get sh**!

  5. the total lack of respect for law and order in New York is a result in some of the worst leadership of the present and ex mayors. That is why people are fleeing that corrupt city.

  6. Today’s crazed individuals cannot be stopped with pleasantries or a polite request to behave and follow lawful instructions. They use violence against others but do not expect the same treatment in return. She definitely deserved to be ‘put down’ and put down hard for her violent actions. This is the only response people like this understand. Cops have enough problems already besides having to deal with these crazies.

  7. He gave her what she asked for, we need a lot more of that to happen, they will learn to respect the law which they dont know now.. Good for him!!!!

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