Obama Has Intimate Dinner with Hollywood A-listers

There was a time when nobody knew who Barack Obama was, but that day is no longer.  

Today, Barack is raking in the big bucks and hanging out with Tom Hanks and company.  

Sunday night, for instance, Obama apparently dined with nothing but A-listers at Hanks’ home in California.  

Rich and Famous 

Since celebrities now believe they run this country, perhaps Obama was getting some advice from the likes of Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, Steven Spielberg, Kate Capshaw, Bruce Springsteen, and Patti Scialfa.  

Hanks reportedly hosted the event that had members from more than three households, and I did not see any masks being worn in the pictures, so it looks like some COVID rules were broken too.  

The gathering started around 7:00 p.m. and cars did not start to arrive to pick up the guests until after midnight.  

We should also note that Obama was releasing some serious carbon into the air and burning up some serious tax dollars with his six-car motorcade.  

Hope you had fun, Obama, because the rest of California is still locked in their homes. 

Source: Page Six (New York Post) 

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25 Responses

  1. B.O is so full of himself, impressed with his own “self importance” he and his spouse “Big Mike” are foul and disgusting. They will get what they deserve when judgement day arrives.

    1. they probably had little illegals girls there. wonder if biden was invited to smell their hair

    2. You are soooo right. If you look close you can see horns sprouting on his head!! I believe that he is Satan’s envoy at this time. Only Satan could be as cagey, evil and slick to get away with what he has gotten away with.

  2. Hollywood =Obama’s = Fools on the hill, his third term is going well…. they don’t include the fake President and Vice President ….. they just carry on without them! Watch as they dismantle the constitution. Please someone help the true Americans . 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻

    1. Amen Rosalie!! Been praying since the election that something would break, but they were too snug in the plots they had set up. We are guilty of complacency for too long and they snuck right in and took the ball and ran with it. Is not going to be easy to correct. God works in His own time. Just keep praying to remind Him.

  3. obama looks like Satan…!!! Wake up real fast people…Have you seen the amount of younger people buying Satanic S—!!! What the Hell is going on…?

  4. Obozo is a pathetic little man who is only about enriching himself and transforming America! Thus burin the White House will help him!

  5. B.O. did more in his 8 yrs in office to destroy race relations in this nation than it had taken 50+ yrs to heal! A long with the Hollywood a-list losers that really think anybody thinks what they say is important to anyone except themselves. Take their money away and no one would even give them the time of day!

    1. Obama, the beginning of so many problems. Hatred of the nations police officers for a start. And Hollywood thinking they are essential and enviable, well not in my book. I wouldn’t give them the time of day with or without their money.

  6. It is so sad to watch our country go down like this. I pray that God’s people will rise up and have these people deported to the countries they are trying to impose on us. If Trump is not re-elected hopefully someone with his balls can turn this nonsense around. Let’s not let them effect our children as they are trying to do.

  7. So Obama is with the A lister in Hollywood pedophiles ring, and child trafficking. If you look at Epstein book most of the people, are probably on it. Since Obama is married to Michael, how much money did Obama put into a off shore account to be given back to him after he got out. The Obama administration should all be tried for treason. Which means they go under military tribunal, then sentence to death by hanging or firing squad.

    1. PLEASE call me to pull the trigger; it would be the thrill of my life to see them get theirs.

    2. That would be a perfect world. We are not that lucky. I used to dream of that when he was in office. Thank you for putting it into words for me.

  8. Those he is hanging with are all those that frequented orgy Island, by the way has everyone forgot about the girlfriend that was arrested???

  9. Agree with all posts! That must have been one big time pedo party! The Hollywood” a listers” are all pedos, throw in the Clintons, huma abbedeen, and a lot more demson the hill. They are also satanist!

  10. I guess “ big O and his drag queen” big mike must think they are somebody. Hanging with the Hollywood pedos. Wonder if killary and slick Willy were there , along with the pancetta brothers. What a disgusting bunch! They all deserve each other, proper society won’t have anything to do with them.

  11. So the drunk & the skunk are canoodling once again. This time they let in the likes of Hanks because he was footing the bill. Did you ever notice that the big O never picks up the tab? He just leaves his stench behind…hence SKUNK.

  12. Obama’s are worthless piece of dog-sh, and so are the people of hollywood like Tom Hanks,Steven Spielberg and Bruce Springsteen they are call the 3Dip-shs.

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