Obama Says Americans Need to ‘Reimagine policing’

The golden boy of the Democrat Party has spoken, and he may have just killed any chance the Democrats had of expanding their majority in 2022. 

Former President Barack Obama, as all Democrats have done, is overreacting to the shooting of Daunte Wright.  

Obama released a statement soon after the shooting, calling for Americans to “reimagine policing.” 

Is He Kidding? 

To appreciate the irony of all this, understand that the man that wrote the statement you about to read is surrounded 24/7 by about a dozen agents armed to the teeth, with more on the way if needed… 

AOC jumped all over this to push the narrative that police are purposely targeting and killing minorities… 

Rep. Tlaib has also called for the complete ending of police as we know it… 

Again, all these people have security that is armed to the teeth around them, and keep in mind, if they got their way, there would have been no police at the Capitol to rescue them on January 6.  

It is the epitome of hypocrisy, and it is the complete opposite of what most Americans want to see.  

This is THEIR opinion, not that of the people they are paid to represent.  

Source: The Blaze 

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18 Responses

  1. Fine, withdraw all their protections, take away their bodyguards, and their guns. Let’s see how fast the Democrats change their tunes. The hypocrisy the Democrats exhibit is mind boggling. It doesn’t matter what the truth is, Democrats want to play the poor, pitiful, oppressed race card.

    1. like I tel everyone if they were not breaking the Law. The Ploice wouldn’t be there. I get told it doesn’t matter if there breaking the law Ploice just tell them it not nice to do that and let them go.


    3. GREAT!!!!!
      Obama lives in Cape Cod in a mansion on the beach with all those RICH White Folks!
      We are in the Minority areas with plenty of crime around us!
      Blacks kill Blacks every day here in Chicago!!!!
      Maybe, Michelle protects him!
      She certainly appears tougher than a BONA FIDE MEMBER OF THE CHUM GANG!!!!!

  2. If these people ever had a real job, they might be busy enough that they wouldn’t have time to tweet such stupidity. Police are needed and if people they try to arrest because they have broken the law would stop trying to run, there wouldn’t be instances like this one. You see, because of people like you who spout stupid remarks the criminals believe they can get away. Another thing you always call the stupid racist card when it is a black man, but I never hear anything when a white person is killed by police. You may not want police, but I’m pretty sure most citizens want them. Mainly because you never say anything when Antifa thugge beat up someone just because of their skin color and we never hear from you about that or when they burn businesses that are family owned blacks people. How can anyone believe your garbage. If we ever get a honest election I am pretty sure you won’t be voted in, your only there because of the fraudulent elections, I can’t honestly believe anyone would vote for any of you . Hey, why don’t you go live in China

    1. Anthony Manzo
      I agree 100%. I would add The Police do not need Schooling on how to handle this SITUATION these CRIMINALS have to be taught to not commit CRIMES and when caught finally OBEY the LAW do nor physically resist. Hey BARRAK, if BLACK lives mean so much to you and they should. How come YOU and ALL the BLM’S Do not go to CHICAGO and do SOME BIG MOUTHING where this weekend 5 to ten black AMERICANS will be killed and 15 to 30 shot. Oh that’s OK it’s blacks killing blacks that’s allowed. You people DISGUST me. You rally don’t CARE. It is only to fit your agenda !!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the way did you notice the Gun he dropped was empty. Hmm i wonder what he would have done if there ere still bullets in that gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. First let me say that I’m sorry that this happened and how sorry I am for the family. The senseless shooting of anyone in inexcusable. With that being said, I’m also sick of these liberals ALWAYS playing the race card to push their agenda. And the media is right there all over it. Lets give all the senseless shootings of blacks,whites, asians, Hispanics the same rhetoric and media coverage. It’s always not about race. Look at the statistics.

  4. I’m 74. We had race riots in the 60’s and worked things out.
    I’m so sick and tired of brats not thinking through the “if this then that” scenarios in societal calm that have led us to the precipital fall of our country. If you don’t Ike our rules then try another place. Many of us visited other lands in our youth as a part of our growth and learning and believe me it was a tearful experience to walk over that line or through those doors back into the USA. Get a job and put your energy to something useful. If we fall because you guys want what YOU want and NOW you won’t recognize your new life.

  5. I heard that Obama used several social security numbers that didn’t belong to him while going to school in America, Obama in my mind is dirt. Obama had said one time, “ if someone brings a knife to fight, then you bring a gun”! Obama is the biggest fraud in politics.

    1. and I believe he is behind 80% of the crap going on in this country . A lot of it started with his leaving office and staying in Washington DC . and having Valery Baby move in with them .

  6. Our country was so uch better before Obama was handed the presidency! What a sack of poop! He’s the piece of cr_p running the country, not Biden! Needs to realize he is NOT our president FOREVER!!! Give some people an inch theyll take a million miles!

  7. Sorry, I’d rather have the police on the streets than the one killed that tried to killed someone himself and rob them. Sorry he is dead and not in prison but to have a choice Mr. Obama I would feel safer with the police. Sorry the one on trial now is for another one I wouldn’t have felt safe around my neighborhood with what he had done and dealing in drugs. Would you feel safer with no laws like was set up in your timeframe with sanctuary cities? Sure can break the laws there and get by with it and keep going. We normal citizens do not have security like the higher upper crust making these laws today.

  8. Remember how Obama wanted to fundamentally change America? (From the bottom up) Also, did you notice how “racism” once again reared it’s ugly head during his administration? We all seemed to be doing quite well together, before he came on the scene! Segregation had ended and we became integrated….living in the same neighborhoods, going to the same schools, churches, clubs, parties, and swimming pools. etc. We were actually friends! Enter Obama, and HE brought it all up again and can’t seem to let it go….just like he can’t let his presidency go! He is STILL trying to run our country behind closed doors and pulls the strings of Biden’s mouth! Notice that all Biden’s Executive Orders were ending things that Trump had created to change destructive orders that Obama had written? Yes, Obama was very angry and he started pulling Biden’s strings like crazy! Unfortunately, we are now living under Obama’s THIRD administration! This is the one that will take our guns and create civil unrest, thus introducing America to Communism, which was his original plan! Sadly, he has bought the Democrat party hook, line, and sinker! Question: Where do we go from here, folks?

  9. Agree with all posts! Obama is a radical communist! But—- he wouldn’t hesitate to call his blm or antifa pals to go against the people of our country! They already are! He doesn’t want police, he wants a race war to destroy our country! He is a racist through and through! He hates America, but will suck up all the millions of dollars in ill gotten gains for himself! He should be arrested and charged with sedition and treason! Then sent back to kenya, or to gitmo for the rest of his life! Maybe even taken before a military tribunal.

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