Off-duty LAPD Officer Shot and Killed During Attempted Robbery

The media loves to report when one of the hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers in this country does something bad.

When something terrible happens to them, we get crickets.

Such is the case with an LAPD officer that was shot and killed on Monday.

Horrible Tragedy

The off-duty officer was out shopping for a home with his girlfriend.

Officer Fernando Arroyos, who is only 27 years old, had been with the department for three years.

He and his girlfriend were out looking at homes when an attempted robbery took place.

According to reports, they were walking down an alley taking pictures of a property they were considering.

A truck pulled up near them, with several men getting out and confronting the couple in what we are being told was an attempted robbery.

Arroyos was shot during the attempted robbery.

Officers received a call and responded around 9:15 p.m., only to find Arroyos lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds.

He was immediately taken to a local hospital and later pronounced dead.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore stated, “He had a promising future. A bright future that was taken away viscously over a street robbery.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti added, “My heart is broken. Our city’s heart is broken.”

On the shooting and investigation, Moore stated, “We do believe we have an officer-involved shooting here that our officer exchanged gunfire with at least one of these suspects.

“We do have our officer’s gun, and we have an additional weapon that we believe was responsible for this assault.”

The Los Angeles Police Protective League added, “Officer Arroyos’ death is a grim reminder that safety on the streets of Los Angeles is fleeting and that there is a growing disregard for human life and overt violence festering in our city.

“There is absolutely no reason why a promising young officer looking to invest in the very community he served is no longer with us.”

Shopping for homes… and loses his life.

Rest in peace, Officer Arroyos, and thank you for your service.

Source: Fox News

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11 Responses

    1. The World lost a law enforcement officer. Let the focus be not on the press and how it is reported, but the apprehension and swift prosecution and punishment of the perpetrator.

  1. these crimes should hit home when these so called reporters get shot !see how the crooked media reacts to that !! this lawless media should be removed or shut down for not supporting law inforcement and supporting criminals !this country has gone to the comunist media!

  2. No one is safe here in California. People are leaving in droves for other states. Newsom is turning this state into a haven for homeless and criminals.

  3. And why did this happen? Think maybe the leftist/liberals who want to defund the police and set no bail for criminals could be the cause? If I lived in California, I would have been out of there long ago. The whole state political system is corrupt.

  4. Our politics s and DA’s need to be held accountable for this because they are not defending innocent citizens and allowing/releasing these criminals back on our streets and the open border too.

  5. Our Policemen, Policewomen, the Elderly & the Very Young Children are being disappeared in the USA, in California & other States without Enforced Laws.
    The Poor USA is under the Heavy Boot of Marxism & Lawlessness.
    The Savages of all colors, have gotten control of our Country, May God be with the Family of the Young Policeman.

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