Passersby by Come to Aid of Officer in Danger

An officer on the Willoughby Police Department recently had a rather tense moment with a motorist that was stopped.

The female officer pulled the man over and had him get out of his car.

After telling the man to sit down, things got confrontational, and it was only a matter of seconds before the man got the upper hand on the officer.

That is when things really took a crazy turn.

I’m Not Sittin’

The Willoughby, OH, officer never saw this coming.

A simple traffic stop and suddenly she is fighting for her life.

The man, clearly agitated, refused to respond to her commands, which resulted in a tussle.

Someone passing by saw the officer in distress and immediately jumped in to help.

Several other citizens also saw the struggle and immediately ran over to help the officer secure the man until her backup arrived…

I am still a little baffled at how quickly the officer lost control of this situation.

That officer should be buying that first man a big steak dinner because we can only imagine how that would have turned out had he not shown up when he did.

Source: CBS News

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