Rookie NYPD Officer Shot and Killed During Ambush

New York City mayor Eric Adams has a significant problem on his hands.

After running on a law and order campaign, it appears as though the city is getting worse instead of better.

For instance, last night, a rookie officer was shot and killed in the line of duty.

City Out of Control

Officer Jason Rivera, who was only 22 years old, was ambushed in Harlem…

Additionally, his partner, Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, was gravely wounded and is now hospitalized.

He reportedly underwent surgery, but there has been no update on his condition.

According to reports, Lashawn McNeil, 47, allegedly fired upon the officers from inside his bedroom when officers showed up at the location.

A third officer at the scene opened fire on McNeil.

McNeil has also been hospitalized.

Police had been called to the scene by a woman claiming to have been in a dispute with her son.

She gave officers no heads up regarding weapons in the home.

As officers approached McNeil’s room, he allegedly kicked up the door and opened fire.

Adams promised to get the crime in this city under control, but that is hardly the case.

If McNeil survives his wounds, what do you think his sentence should be?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: Fox News

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31 Responses

  1. What a crying shame. Another NYPD officer shot and killed and another injured at the hands of a criminal lunatic.
    I hope the New Mayor and Chief of Police can turn NYC around and maybe get the DA onboard. We need to get into problem solving and stop finger pointing. Something is not working here, SOMETHING.

    1. NYC is a unsafe j^u^n^g^l^e run by the j^u^n^g^l^e r^a^b^b^i^t^s. NY has been unsafe since 1963 when
      NY did away with garbage disposal (capital punishment). Kitty Genovese’s killer got away with murder, Son of Sam got away with murder, John Lennon’s a^s^s^a^s^i^n got away with murder. Pack and leave New York state!

  2. He should be put to death. And not put in prison for years and years and then let out because of good behavior he needs to die.

    1. Keith, not to mention WE still have to feed, clothe, medicate for all those years. A few public ‘death penalties’ carried out and a lot of this ‘stuff’ would stop.

  3. He should get the death penalty,. In the good old days, the death penalty was used for kidnapping and the killing of a police officer. There would be less crime, if the penalty fit the crime.

  4. We can definitely expect more terrorist attacks due to the flood at the border. These illegal immigrants are bringing there wars here

  5. Thekiller should be shot if convicted of this murder. He should be staked out and shot. Show no mercy to intensional murderers. Being lenient hasn’t helped at all, it’s time to get tough again

  6. You should stop your questionable memorials and do something to stop your officers from being ambushed and killed for the sake of the Dems “Defund the Police” insanity. If you want the remaining citizens to stay in your kill box city, you should start supporting your police NOW!

  7. He will get off Scott free which is a travesty. My thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of Officer Rivera and to his fellow officers.

  8. Execute any person that ambushes a LE officer, even if the officer survives. If this was done every time the criminals would soon change their tactics giving the officers a chance to engage the criminals more or less on equal footing, plus if those convicted of felonies where given sentences depending on the severity of their offenses. Such as rapists of grown men or women being castrated publicly every time, those who rape children immediate compulsory attended public execution by hanging. It would most probably result in a definite reduction in crimes of all types !!

  9. He will get off because the DA has decided he doesn’t want to do his job and prosecute criminals. Since BY doesn’t have a death penalty any more he won’t get what he deserves anyway. He should have just been killed on the spot.

  10. We all know who did this harendous crime by shooting 2 law enforcement officers. The 3rd officer had shot the guy but only wounded him, instead of wounding him he should’ve giving him 1 more shot to give him the judge and jury verdict. That way we wouldn’t give him any free van ride to jail then to prison for free medical, food, TV and probably give him Bidens covid19 payments. It will take st least 25-30 years to put him to death. I’m sorry about the officer that he killed and the other he shot and not sure what shape he will be in for the rest of his life. Prayers to the 1 officer and to both families. Thanks to the 3rd officer for shooting the Sewer rat.

  11. he should get either the gas chamber or the electric chair,maybe if we started do that again the people would think before doing any kind of killing.

    1. Why house these low life’s? Especially after shooting & killing one officer & wounding another – No respect for the badge anymore. Simple, END THEIR LIFE, useless as it is. No long drawn out expensive trial or expense of housing. End It !

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