Russian Officials Arrested for Opposing Putin

Oppose Donald Trump, and you are treated like a hero in this country.

Oppose Putin, you find yourself arrested and charged with treason.

Five Russian officials who opposed Putin have reportedly been arrested for proposing the arrest and charges of treason against Putin.

Losing Control

Even though these officials were unsuccessful in their venture, it is not a good sign for Putin that he is now being openly opposed.

Russian expert Rebekah Koffler stated, “The fact that several municipal deputies in St. Petersburg, Putin’s hometown, came forward accusing [him] of treason and calling for his removal is highly significant.

“They know the punishment will be severe.

“They can easily face a death sentence based on Russian federal law.

“The significance of this act of defiance and dissent by a handful of Russian officials cannot be possibly overstated.”

As we noted above, this is not the United States where you can float the idea of a coup against a president and not suffer consequences.

In Russia, if you fail, you are probably dead.

The complaint levied by the officials was centered on the Ukraine war for the unnecessary deaths of troops as well as the economic effects of the war.

They also wanted to hold Putin accountable for Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

The group consisted of seven deputies, but only five of them have been arrested so far.

Koffler stated, “It is possible they decided to risk their lives in order to build momentum among the Russian people to oust Putin, which is an incredibly difficult thing to do because Putin has surrounded himself with loyal security and intelligence operatives.

“Even two months ago, I would say that a coup in Russia is unlikely.”

She added, “Today, with Ukraine’s counter-offensive gaining steam and Russia having become as much of a pariah as North Korea, I don’t rule out the possibility of a regime change organized from within.”

She was referring to the successful counterstrike recently carried out by Ukraine that caused significant losses for Russia.

Source: Fox News

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