Olympian Gwen Berry Will Protest Anthem If on Podium

Hammer thrower Gwen Berry has taken the world by storm, but not for her abilities on the field.

She has become infamous as the Olympic qualifier who turned her back on her country during the playing of the National Anthem.

After getting through the Olympic qualifying round, Berry stated, “I feel like I’ve earned the right to wear this uniform.”

She may have earned her spot on the team, but she has not earned the right to disrespect this country or our flag.

That is exactly what she plans to do if she is on the podium and our Anthem is playing, however.

Berry confessed that if “The Star-Spangled Banner” is playing, she will continue to do what she has done in the past.

She stated, “I’ll represent the oppressed people.”

There goes that key Democrat talking point again… oppression.

Berry is one of many athletes that has contributed to all-time ratings crash of the Olympics, as Americans are sick and tired of having this nonsense rammed down their throats and being told that if you live in the United States and are not a minority, you are inherently racist.

So, go ahead and protest, because very few will be watching.

Source: Fox News

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30 Responses

  1. Gwen Berry, you poor little racist black girl ! You live in the only country that allows you speak and voice your opinions. You think your race is the only who has to abide by Rules or Law, or told how to act at sporting events? You try to carry the weight of ancestors who were sold into slavery by your own race which you have never had to suffer ! Get the chip off you shoulder, smile and enjoy the freedoms you have as a proud “American Athlete”. Oh, … and stop feeling sorry for yourself, look at what you’ve accomplished … or, continue thinking as do the Black Lives Matter origination that your race is the only race that matters. Then nothing will ever change and only get worse for you and everyone around you, black or white. If your hell bent on continuing that train of thought then I would suggest trying another country but I seriously think you won’t find one that meets your selfish expectations !!

    1. Got to start sending this obsolete farm equipment back to the manufacturer marked ‘DEFECTIVE’.
      Useless as teats on a boar and time to either ignore them or lose them.

  2. You may have earned Your spot through athletic ability, but you have lost your spot through disrespect for the country that gave you that opportunity. Please go home and stay there. We do not want to see you on any podium.

  3. you should move to a country more to your liking . perhaps North Korea or china would be a better fit for you .

  4. As Wansai Ounkeo stated on Facebook on Mar 28;
    “Anyone who wants real change will BE the change, not make demands of OTHERS to change. Therein lies the conundrum for the SJW. Change and they have NO cause, but trying to FORCE others to change DOESN’T REALLY WORK but it saves the cause”.

    This is doubly TRUE for the TRASH of BLM fame !!!!!!!!!!!! Your STUPID response to the National Anthem will NOT change ANYTHING; BUT it might get you on a magazine cover, which may be ALL that you are looking for !!!!!!!!!
    You are SO SAD and pathetic !!!!!!!!!!

  5. Its so sad that so many of us are hoping you fail so we don’t have to watch you disrespect our country. This is the greatest country at the Olympics so if you don’t like it here go home with one of those other countries and see how good you had it!!

  6. I no longer watch the Olympics and I think a lot of other Americans have also quit watching!
    I am sick of these athletes using it for a forum for their “Opinions”!
    They got there because they were good enough and talented enough to represent a Country.
    Instead of doing that they choose to force their ideas and opinions on people who wanted to see
    the “best of the best” in the Olympic Games compete to bring Honor to their Home Countries.
    The Olympics are losing viewers because so many people just want to see The Olympic Games
    and not a bunch of “self-important” people using what should be an HONOR to express THEIR
    personal opinions! It’s unbelievably Sad and Disgusting.

  7. Can’t follow the rules? Banned, simple as that! Now you can go protest all you want! I don’t understand why we play to these people’s tune!

  8. You poor little racist black girl. You won your spot on the Olympic team, that doesn’t entitle you to disrespect the nation. You think you represent the “oppressed people”? Yours is the only people who live in such luxury, but claim you are discriminated against. The only people oppressing you is you, for without your constant whining and poor poor me shtick, you’d have nothing to complain about. You insist on handouts instead of a hand up. Your hands are outstretched with a gimme attitude, instead of outstretched hands working to make your life better. Go to hall Gwen, you are a typical gimme black chick. You look like a dude anyway

  9. Shame on her for disrespecting the country who GAVE her the opportunity to get to the olympics…….Ungrateful trash…..the only thing she will be remembered for is her UNAMERICAN disrespect…….

  10. People of color that disrespect the country that has afforded them the right to speak ans pretty much do as they want cannot disrespect the country that has afforded them this right. If they do then they do not represent the country as a whole and should be disallowed to accept anything in way of acceptance in whatever they are doing. Sorry human being is Gwen Berry should be disallowed any medals if she should win one.

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    bless your heart!”……….. >>> 𝐖𝐰𝐰.𝐬𝐰𝐢𝐩𝐞𝟐𝟐.𝐜𝐨𝐦

  12. Then let the Traitor represent another country. What a disgrace. She has the honor to represent the greatest country on earth. This will be the first time I hope an American loses in the Olympics

  13. Why are you so angry?, this country gave you the opportunity to do what you want but you can’t thank this country, you prefer to act like a spoiled black girl who has been given an opportunity to do what you wanted. To achieve what you are capable of doing and you feel you are being cheated because of your color. You should thank this country for what you have achieved but instead you want to tear down this country because of your color? This country has done more for people of color then any country in the world. You should be thankful that you live here and not in Africa where the black people despise other black people. We are American’s you are an American try to live up to the American value you have a right to do whatever you want to achieve and you did that, thanks to this country.

  14. You should be ashamed of yourself for not appreciating all of the opportunities you have experienced in the USA.
    You really should consider moving to a country that is more in line with your thinking and attitude —STOP disrespecting the country that has given you all of the experience, training, etc that you are currently enjoying. If you were to express yourself in some of the other countries, you would or could be punished and even executed.
    I hope you don’t make it to the podium to disgrace yourself, and to dishonor our wonderful United States of America.

  15. I wouldn’t want her to Represent the U.S in the Olympics, she is a waste of time. Since she’s in Japan , lets send her a one way ticket to China

  16. Poor Gwen Berry. Bless her heart, she can’t help it. She done drunk the BLM kool-aid that Karl Marx brewed and her ‘useful idiot” professors forced her to drink.

  17. It is a shame to the entire country. Not watching the olympics either. Sick of this racist and oppression crap. You can always leave the country. YOU do have that freedom. YOU should be ousted from Olympics. YOU do NOT represent this country in a positive way.

  18. I sincerely desire that Berry does not place in the hammer event. Next Olympics we should send real Americans to represent our wonderful county the US of A. Frankly, I have put the 20200/2021 Olympics on my do not watch list along with the NFL. NBA, and Woman’s pro Soccer. Picking up Men’s and women’s swimming on YouTube.

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