Oops, Warnock Did It Again

Yet another grifter in the Democrat Party is being exposed.

Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) has been sticking his hands into the till again.

If reports are accurate, Warnock tapped campaign funds to pay off $61,000 in childcare costs.

Bad Daddy

Warnock is a slug, of that I have no doubt.

His ex-wife was in tears telling stories of abuse, but, as usual, the media buried it because he is a Democrat.

Warnock won his special election, got his Senate seat, and now everything is starting to come out.

The child support scam is only the tip of the iceberg…

And then there is this…

According to local reports, when Warnock has his children, they are often pawned off on nannies, as he barely spends any time with them.

To be clear, campaign funds can be used for childcare to an extent, but that is limited to care for day or overnight campaign-related trips.

It seems as though Warnock is covering ALL his childcare payments through this campaign.

His campaign denies it, painting him as the father of the year, stating that he is “a devoted father who is proud to continue to co-parent his two children as he works for the people of Georgia.”

Yes, and I am the Queen of England.

This is now the second time Warnock has been accused of diverting campaign funds, with the previous allegation coming from legal costs associated with 2005 allegations that were filed in 2019.

He tried to justify that by saying the case started when and because he was campaigning.

Grifter… Snake Oil Salesman… Conman… call him what you want, but the people of Georgia need to wake up and remove this man from office.

Source: Breitbart

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