Operation Warp Speed Leader Asked to Resign by Joe Biden

By all accounts, Dr. Moncef Slaoui has done an exceptional job heading up Operation Warp Speed.

The man has led the effort to bring COVID-19 vaccines to market in record time and is now leading the distribution efforts.

Biden, in a purely political move, has, however, asked for and received Slaoui’s resignation.

You’re Fired

While we completely understand changing leadership when a new administration comes in, this is a rather unique position during very special circumstances.

The success of Operation Warp Speed all but demands the moving pieces remain undisturbed so the process continues to move along without any problems.

Biden, who had previously heaped praise on Dr. Slaoui now wants him replaced so he can continue to attack Trump on the vaccination front.

Slaoui, in submitting his resignation, stated, “I have submitted my resignation letter yesterday to the current administration thanking them for giving me the opportunity to help our country and our people as well as the people of the world.

“I’m very supportive of this upcoming administration, and really of course, of the operation, and its mission, and I will be doing everything I can to help them succeed as part of the process.”

This is just another move by Biden in a massive effort for him to get credit for the vaccine and distribution when he literally has not contributed anything to the process.

You can read more about this report in The Daily Caller.

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