Mehmet Oz Calling John Fetterman Bluff

By now, everyone in the country knows the horrible performance of John Fetterman in his debate against Mehmet Oz for an open PA Senate seat.

After the debate was over, Fetterman’s team tried to clean things up by blaming the closed-captioning for the problem.

So, Oz figured he would extend an offer, but it will likely get turned down.

Let’s Do It Again

The closed-captioned system was put in place at the request of Fetterman.

Both candidates approved the system.

Fetterman was also given ample opportunity to do rehearsals to get comfortable with the system.

Even with the help, he crashed and burned.

So, his team tried to use the CC system as its out.

After the debate, the Fetterman campaign stated, “We are thrilled with John’s performance.

“He did remarkably well tonight — especially when you consider that he’s still recovering from a stroke and was working off of delayed captions filled with errors.”

Yes, the CC system is why he had no answer on fracking or was just blatantly unprepared for the debate.

Oz is giving him a chance for a reboot.

His campaign responded, “We’re sorry to hear that the Fetterman campaign was unhappy with how the closed captioning system that they requested was working on Tuesday.

“We’re happy to do a second debate any time, and let the Fetterman campaign source a closed captioner that they believe is of better quality.”

The company that provided the CC also responded.

Nexstar chief communications officer Gary Weitman stated, “It is unfortunate that Mr. Fetterman is now criticizing the closed captioning process employed by Nexstar during tonight’s debate.

“Both candidates were offered the opportunity for two full rehearsals with the same equipment used in tonight’s debate; Mr. Fetterman chose to do only one.

“In fact, Nexstar’s production team went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the effectiveness of the closed captioning process, and to accommodate several last-minute requests of the Fetterman campaign.

“The closed captioning process functioned as expected during rehearsal and again during tonight’s debate.

“We regret that Mr. Fetterman and his campaign feel otherwise.”

What are the chances that Fetterman takes up Oz on his offer?

I would say zero.

Source: The Blaze