PA Senate Race Tightening Up for Oz and Fetterman

You guys all know how I feel about Mehmet Oz at this point.

I have also stated that unless there was a major shakeup, he was going to lose this seat.

This is a plate of crow that I will gladly eat, and may have to, based on the recent trending in polls.


Fetterman is finally back out on the campaign trail, but he is going the wrong way.

The Susquehanna Polling and Research (SP&R) has this race tightening up considerably.

Oz was down double digits in some polls, but now he is only trailing Fetterman 49-44 percent.

My best guess here is that this is due to two primary factors.

First, if you have heard Fetterman speak, he is clearly not right.

Second, the fact that he was not willing to debate Oz was taking its toll.

Fetterman has since agreed to an October debate, more than likely to give himself as much time as possible to get better before going head-to-head.

Fetterman has plenty of skeletons in his closet, and if Oz brings them all out, he just may turn this around and pull off what would be a shocking upset at this point.

Source: Fox News



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15 Responses

    1. Here in Pennsylvania…
      B^a^s^t^a^r^d BIDEN
      Fat mouth FETTERMAN
      Slick SHAPIRO
      The big bad WOLF
      suck Democrat donkey dongs…

    2. Here in Pennsylvania…
      B^a^s^t^a^r^d BIDEN
      Fat mouth FETTERMAN
      Slick SHAPIRO
      The big bad WOLF
      suck democrat donkey d^o^n^g^s…

  1. Can voters of Pennsylvania not see the clear choice is Oz? Look at this man’s record and his public attire does he show any respect for the position he is seeking or even to the public at large? Voters of Pennsylvania remember what the Democrat Party has done and is doing to America!

    1. Can’t tell if you are dissing Oz or Fetterman…Explain or tell us who you are praising…your information is confusing to some!

    2. Fetterman is just interested in that big paycheck, since he has never had that much money before, and he won’t have to do anything to earn it!! Dr. Oz is interested in helping the people of PA. and he certainly doesn’t need the money. Wake up PA. voters or you’re going to vote yourselves right out of your jobs if you vote for Fetterman!

  2. Fetterman does deserve a seat anywhere, the guy is a complete psychopathy. Memett Oz is so much of a better person hands down.

  3. Fetterman needs to focus on his recovery. Unfortunate that the stroke happened when it did but I think it’s best for him to withdraw and focus on his health.

  4. I believe he wants to legalize heroin Pennsylvania wake up Biden is bad enough – MS13, Drugs, Open Border, they are coming to your county, pay more school $$, welfare etc.
    China Biden got to go

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