Penn Paid Biden Almost $1M Over Three Years

As we all know by now, Joe Biden is giving away billions of taxpayer money to pay for student loan debt.

Something slipped by us on this front and I honestly cannot believe I completely forgot about it.

You know how Joe Biden likes to tout himself as an educator?

Well, even though he never taught any classes at the University of Pennsylvania, he did get paid $1 million.

Now, do you think that adds to the rising costs of education?

Give It Back

Biden loves to talk about how he is a professor at Penn, but he never taught any classes.

Over three years, the school paid him almost $1 million to show his face at several events.

With what amount to be a seven-figure appearance fee, I cannot help but wonder how much cheaper tuition would be if schools like Penn were not writing massive checks like this.

Currently, tuition at Penn is about $56,000 per year.

When all the extra costs are added, that cost is about $80,000 per year, all-in, for a student to attend Penn.

Joe Biden’s fee could have paid for 12 students’ tuition for a single year, or given three students a free ride.

The White House tries to justify this by saying his “tenure” at the school was very successful and drove donations.

Well, that is all well and good, so how about Penn writes students checks for $10,000 each instead of the American taxpayer doing it!

Source: Fox News

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