Parents Fuming as Schools About to Issue Mandatory Quarantines

The threat of COVID to younger children is virtually negligible.

Most parents were hoping this would be the first year of normal schooling for their children since the pandemic hit, but that will not be the case in several states.

Parents from Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, among others, are livid their children are being forced to quarantine with no virtual learning options even available.


Students are now being told in schools around the country that they must quarantine for 14 days if they come into contact with any COVID-positive students.

While some schools are offering remote options, far too many do not even allow that option.

In some cases, children are able to get assignments virtually, but no actual instruction is provided.

Nicole Eidson, a mother in one of the districts implementing this new protocol, stated, “There may be schools or teachers that are still teaching the quarantined kids, but there are some that are not as well.”

Compare that to schools in Florida, where Governor Ron DeSantis has removed the quarantine option for students who have come into contact with other COVID-positive students.

Even with that in place, Florida is currently among the lowest, if not the lowest per capita COVID-positive states for new cases.

You can read more about this report on the Daily Caller.

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6 Responses

  1. Why not put the public school out of business and un enroll your kids now. Parents can home school and even collectively band together to teach their kids. Theyir primary goal of teaching has been long gone anyway.

  2. This is control by Biden…If kids are home many parents can’t work…Teachers are staying home and they like it…They’re also told by the union and school board this is the right thing to do…The other part is if parents get mad the government sends in the feds to scare and arrest parents…I think Biden and AOC and her ilk want civil unrest to take our guns and put they’re Gestapo Boots on our necks…We are getting close to loosing our patient’s…

  3. Since Soros owns the teacher unions. The Union dues are going straight to Soros billion dollar funds. We have some teachers that are the leftist CRT teachers. Because what the leftist Communist Democrats dictator wants, they bow down to. It’s time to take our school back. Get rid of unions, leftist teachers, that dont want to work.

  4. Children 17 and under have a mortality rate of roughly: 0.0007%. Why is our government ruining our kids education? The “dumbing down of our children” seems to be the only explanation.

  5. It’s time to eliminate the teacher’s unions and the Soros packed judges. throw Soros out of this country before he destroys everything. He screwed the British and is trying to destroy our system of government and he is doing a pretty good job of packing the courts and schools.

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