Patriot Rally Shooter Being Charged with Second-degree Murder

During the recent Patriot Rally in Denver, a Navy veteran was shot in cold blood.

The alleged shooter was hired as security by a local news station to protect their reporters on the ground.

With the shooting now investigated, it was announced that Matthew Dolloff will be facing second-degree murder charges.

The Shooting

The shooting of Lee Keltner started as a confrontation between Keltner and a BLM supporter that was counter-protesting the rally.

At one point, Keltner moves away from that argument and moves toward the area where the reporter was standing.

From every video I have seen, the shooting of Keltner was completely unjustified and the charges Dolloff now faces reflect that.

There was a confrontation, which started when Keltner told the journalist to put his camera away and he apparently tried to knock the camera out of the man’s hand.

When the security guard jumped in, Keltner appears to have smacked him in the face, which is when appeared to take a step back, then draw his weapon, which is when Keltner maced him, and Dolloff responded by firing his weapon.

Here is another local report that gives a much better idea of the timeline from start to finish…

Dolloff’s attorney is claiming self-defense, which is utterly ridiculous considering the video footage that has been seen. At the point Keltner was shot, this was more or less a fistfight, and other than the mace, Keltner did not appear to have a weapon on him.

His attorney stated, “Matt was acting in self-defense. Matt put his life and now his liberty in between the now-deceased and the 9News employee.

“This was not a political assignment for Matt. This was simply Matt protecting your employee.”

Here is how the video was reported by 9News, the station that hired the Dolloff (via Pinkerton) …

You can read more about this report on The Blaze.

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