Pelosi Announces Security Bill Funding for Capitol Police BEFORE Probe Completed

After the riot at the Capitol, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ordered a massive review of Capitol security.

One of the thought processes behind the bill was to find areas that needed improvement so the training and/or equipment could be funded.

Pelosi is now putting together a piece of legislation that will cost taxpayers roughly $2 billion.

Ready to Go Forward

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honoré was tasked with conducting the review of the riot.

Pelosi says he has been forwarding his recommendations along throughout and now Pelosi is just about ready to throw an additional piece of budget spending to Congress.

The entire probe, however, is not complete, so we have to wonder how you can put out a piece of legislation before the probe has been finished.

Pelosi stated, “We’ll put it forth when it is ready, and it is just about ready now.”

She continued, “I’m talking about General Honoré’s suggestions about what are needed.

“There has been a report about shortcomings in the Capitol Police that must be addressed.

“We’re talking about money, and we want to make sure it is the appropriate amount, nothing less than we need but nothing more than we need and appropriately prioritized to, again, open up the Capitol so that it is the temple of democracy that it is, that people can come and be there with adequate protection.”

With a $2 billion budget, expect Republicans to push back as there surely is wasteful spending in the legislation.

When you consider the entire annual operating budget for the Capitol Police is about $460 million, it is rather hard to fathom that $2 billion in training and equipment would be needed to beef up security at the Capitol.

As soon as Pelosi reveals the legislation and we see the probe report, you better believe we will be going over both with a fine-toothed comb to see how much wasteful spending Pelosi as included as well as areas of concern that are not even addressed in the legislation.

Source: Fox News

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56 Responses

  1. Wheres the CHPD Command Post
    Do they even have one?
    Who trains them?
    IE DCPD, ex FBI, DEA, Secret Service, ATFE?
    Makes no sense

    1. With this administration America is going to Hell in a hand basket and the Dems are the top leaders. So immoral and corrupt so why is half of America following them? Wake up and quit following the path of Obama and Soros that will lead you to destruction. Instead of a few at the capital there should have been millions to take back our house and throw these corrupt politicians out of America.

      1. That’s why they need the new security.. because the government is at war with the citizens and fears that the citizens may catch on to what they’re doing and respond in kind.

      2. I agree with you Tim! I love your post! These people who are corrupted like Soros and rest of the dirty people in the government as they really do need to learn a valuable lesson by sending all of them to prison like GITMO in a foreign country for good. We have to say daily prayers for Donald Trump, his families and their friends and also it’s hard for me to say this, pray for our enemies including dirty people in the government.

      3. That is exactly what still needs to happen. Millions should march on that capital, throw out all the politicians and occupy what belongs to the people.

      4. The capitol is not a TEMPLE of anything they have defiled it every day they have been there. They do not value the oaths they took – Perhaps they think God is as dumb as they think we are. It wouldn’t surprise me!

    2. I would care less if I read in the paper Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Or got cirrhosis of the liver from her drinking. God needs to clean out Capitol Hill if stupid voters won’t…

      1. I totally agree, wish there was some way of getting them out of office. America needs President Trump back, he is our rightful President

  2. Two Billion Dollar UPGRADES??????? Are You F ing kidding us taxpayers??? This is ludicrous and insane of you Ignorant Evil Corrupt Money Sucking Wasteful Politicians!!!!!!

    1. Your right, so what are we the people going to do about it? I have an idea, not mine, but I read it, since Biden isnt following the constitution, then with, I think, amendment 16, we can stop paying taxes because we are not being represented. We have to do something soon.

  3. She can have the entire army there and she will never be safe…She is the mosthated woman in America, next to aoc and killary and the ho…….so many to choose from.

  4. When you are putting in power the most communistic government on our soil, you need brown shirts to enforce the communist laws the communist controlled democrats are producing!


    1. the sooner the better from the top down
      commierats all of them for the money only and to hell with the rest of us
      amen 110%

  5. The only thing wrong with the Security of our Congress is Nancy Pelosi. She must be replaced by someone that knows what is required, rather than just throw our tax dollars at a problem created by poor leadership, Fire her sorry butt ASAP.

  6. How many millions of dollars go into nancy piglosi and other corrupt politicians bank account?? We Demand a investigation!!!!! Shame on you Elected Government Officials!!!

    1. It’s only fair we see their tax returns, after all they hounded Trump for 4 years, and he took no salary. Call for investigation of all senators

  7. Yet another scam, which they themselves created to steal more phony fiat money and make the taxpayer pay the expense of it. This is not government, it’s embezzlement. Daddy Pelosi taught you well, bleed them till their dry. You all should be locked up. Everything negative that has occurred, you people developed and implemented. And then, even have the audacity to brag about. You know NOTHING about what the “American people” think or feel, because you do not CARE. Do you really think the general public is not on to you. Of course you do, that’s why you have steel fences and armed guards all around you. Phony media, with a phony press secretary who is always ill prepared, much like the rest of you. You folk’s represent nothing, and steal everything. Everything! This too will past!

  8. Maybe Pelosi should return to her SF fortress/home. It should be m much less than what she wants for Capitol Police. I am sick of the democrats and their constant reaching into our pockets. Shut down the congress and send everyone home. Stock the houses with people who want to help this country and not burn it down. This is ridiculous and we can not let it continue as is.

  9. PIGBLOSKI and her kind should stick their heads back up their a$$e$ and butt out of the crime prevention business !!!

  10. I got ahead of myself. Sorry. I meant it would cost much less than securing the capitol because the capitol is after all our building.

  11. Pelosi is so jacked up on one incident yet where was all this concern last summer while America burned during the so called “protests”? Burning,rioting and looting continued and NOTHING was done! She’s repulsive!

  12. Pelosi does not listen to anyone. Pelosi has got to get going bill so make she gets all the Pork in the bill. Cost of Bill only 20 percent will go for security the for Pork. The Demcrats allways do this. Pelosi true down Security two times when they ask for National Guard and the Homeland Security would not retire there Calls. So Pelosi could a Blame it all on Donald Trump.

  13. America voters are finally waking up Democrats are all about themselves not or for the people…..embrace being in control under a New World Order.

    1. I’ve been reading and watching this stuff for over a year and, essentially, the verbiage is the same — someone is doing bad things to us and we need to do something about it. I’m in 70’s and have written to my reps, about all I can do. It’s up to you youngers to figure out where we’re really headed (HINT: Ric is right) and DO something. I’m thinking that these remarks we make could be among the last that we see from each other. B has no intention of fixing the border mess because all he has to do is shut the door. These huge bills are to encourage economic collapse at which time they can pop in and take over. They’re charging along with no impediments so who is “stupid?” After all of the bloodshed throughout time to keep us free, why is it ok to turn your back now? If you don’t understand what’s happening, check out the UN Agendas — it’s not words, it’s happening, now. Love to my brothers and sisters who believe in the USA.

  14. Why not double that amount? Why just 2 Billion , Nancy? Surely you and your Democrat party need more money than that to retire on when the country become under control of the New World Order. Exactly what have you all been promised? Do you really think they are going to give it to you? HA HA! You are the one who is stupid. Not Trump supporters who you think are. We will be back to take back this country soon. You and all the other traitors in Congress will have a new fancy home to live in. I hope you like Orange. Coming soon!

  15. Remember the insurrection?Makes me wonder if this is payoff money Sorry that’s how I feel.And Pelosi was responsible for getting Capitol police there.

  16. So, you want to FUND the Capitol police that protect YOU, but DEFUND the civilian police that protect US? I SEE!!!

  17. It’s really funny Nancy Pelosi and Congress gets threatened so they will spend billions on Capital police want your neighborhoods are threatened defund your police and abolish your police departments

  18. No matter what she put forward it still has to go through the house and senate and there are too many people there that don,t trust her anymore

  19. This is totally rediculas. Piglosi must want gold plated tanks at the white house. This is uncalled for much less needed. The first time in history, outside of the was of 1812 that the white house has been under this kind of guard. People, she is planning something and whatever it is needs to be stopped now, not tomorrow. Republicans in the Congres, get off you rearends and get to work protecting our country.

  20. I am so sick and tired of Pelosi stating to all that are hearing her non truths spilling out of her mouth. Trump did not cause the riots at the capital. She should be sued for spreading lies!!!!!! Lock her up!.
    Enough is enough.

    1. Truth: Whose at fault?? The Dems always want to blame President Trump, Republicans and even citizens for everything imaginable. They are never at fault, even in an obvious transparent way. If you are looking for blame, go to the root of the problem. If the greedy, power grabbing far left Democrats had not
      connived, plotted/planned, sabotaged, cheated and stole the presidential election and Senate runoff to complete their sinister goal for total power, President Trump would still be In office and we would still have confidence in our government, and we would not be burdened with all their b*** s***. Actually, that makes them fully responsible for implementing all the destructive
      undermining events that have occurred since: including all the unrest, chaos, disruption, division, confusion misrepresentation, protests, violence hatred, lies, many injuries, and (yes) even deaths…to name a few. This may sound like “would’ve, could’ve, should’ve,” but think about it. “An early on illegal infraction (voter fraud) negates a continuous surge of uneventful deliberate, destructive and tragic events.”

  21. If Pelosi would have done her job and ordered extra security for the House when the protests were imminent that would not have happened that day or any other day. Pelosi failed to do her job and now looks like she is trying to blame inadequate police equipment. What a fraud of a speaker she is!

  22. I’d prefer to see her doused with gasoline and set on fire while children laugh at the sight all on live TV and all the rest of the DemonRats standing on line knowing they are next…that would do!

  23. This woman is a blooming idiot. She should be run out of DC today. She is a very large part of the problem. Go back to California, today would be great!! She thinks she own’s Washington DC. I for one would like for her to be thrown out of government!!

  24. Why do DEMONRATS think the only way to solve problems is to throw money at the issue?
    Because they can be bought, do you think?

  25. Where are they going to get the money,from us where else.How much of this campaign donations goes in their bank account.Think about that.I don’t trust none of them,democrat or republican.They all in it together.What have they done for us ,they give away money to keep us quiet.Bribrey.

  26. Things just got a whole lot worse when Pelosi hired Honore from Louisiana. He is nothing but a racist and trouble maker just like Pelosi.

  27. Our country is going to hell in a handbasket as the old saying goes. Suck it up people YOU WHO VOTED FOR BIDEN are getting what you voted for. However, it is also affectng us who voted for a President who HELPED the country, the economy, the border (which by the say is a total disaster) SO I guess we all have to live with it for 4 LONG years and hope there is something left in the end. Pat S

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