Pelosi Brushes Off Threat of GOP Probe into DOJ

The moment the GOP takes over the House, stacks of investigations will be ordered.

With the recent raid of Trump’s Florida home, the FBI has now made that list.

However, House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) says it is all lip service.

Nothing to Worry About

On a possible DOJ probe, Pelosi stated, “First of all, I think the Democrats are going to win the House.

“We’ve been prepared for it for a long time.

“And now, with what’s happening with Roe v. Wade and the legislation that we are passing, I think that whatever the leader is saying is probably idle.”

While she is brushing off the threat, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is issuing a fair warning.

He told Merrick Garland, “When Republicans take back the House, we will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts, and leave no stone unturned.

“Attorney General [Merrick] Garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar.”

Source: The Hill

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31 Responses

  1. Democratic Party has fully turned to POND SCUM! Totally worthless, lying, stealing pathetic losers. Lock them all up, especially Fetterman in PA. Doing all he can to let murdering lifers out of prison. Why, they are all democrats also. Gives a whole new meaning to get out the vote. He and wold over 40 billion dollars of money for relief to taxpayers, instead going to their home towns for road and bridge repairs, while people suffer THEIR GAS AND FOOD PRICES. All POS!!’b

      1. Mr. rand, Sir, “Pond Scum” Don’t Have Any Brain Cells Or Feelings, The ONLY Time They Worry About Anything, Is When There Are No More Fungus To Munch On To!!!

  2. The Republicans have got to grow a backbone they’ve got to want this they want the fat they’ve got to fight we’ve got to have the Senate and the house together look you’re going up against nothing all they got is they’re lying and the record if you can’t beat that you can’t beat anything if you can’t stand up you can’t stand for anything

  3. “We’ve been prepared for it for a long time.”
    They’re going to cheat again now that they’ve pulled it off before.

    1. Exactly.. They found a scheme that works… It’s open season for voting in many blue states as they declare state of emergencies !
      Traitor garbage

    2. I agree with you. I just hate that Dems could win the house and senate, but they do have a well oiled cheating organization. America is slipping away and may be gone forever if the Dems stay in power. I’m scared, for sure.

      1. It is past time for the Republicans Leadership to stand up, be bold, speak out, & stand for the right! If not, we all will pay the price!!! It will NOT be pretty!

  4. f’ing a hole mccarthy just told the dems go ahead and destroy ANY EVIDENCE before we investigate you, WHO DOES THAT? MCCARTHY must GO, I say Jim Jordan should get the job

    1. Ms. or Mrs. Elizabeth Crouse, Ma’am, People Have To Remember All Of Those Names, Of The Likes Of Missy Lizzy “Borden” Cheney, Mr. Mitch “The Flip Flop Artist, Who Is Married To A Very Rich Communistic Chinese Heiress Wife” McConnell And Others, And Ask Around IF There Are Any More Illegally Labeled Left Leaning RINO Puppets, That Want TO Keep On Trying To Destroy The United States Of America From Within, And NOT Vote For Those LIARS, Who LOVE Stuffing Their Ears With Cotton Balls And Closing Their Eyes, Of The Likes Of That Chief Justice Of The US Supreme Court, Who Constantly Followed Those Other Anti-US Constitutional = Left Leaning US Supreme Court Justices, Before Those Decisions, He Signed Up To Be A Conservative Republican, But He Turned Into A Anti-US Constitutionalist!!!

  5. This evil batch needs to be gone, the sooner the better. Too bad China didn’t make good on their threat to blow her out of the sky.

    1. You know it and Pelosi is the leader of the evils. God will take care of the Democrats in his own way and time. Soros is the leader and the rest are just puppets.

  6. Hey, Democrats. Indepentants, etc you all are free to vote for a Republican just check the box! Just because you have a “D” behind your name doesn’t mean you are do or die to vote that way, look at the state of our country and make a sensible decision to vote your will! You are not defined by your registration you are defined by the action you take during this critical time for our country and citizens!!

  7. Let’s help President Trump bring back AMERICA to her Glory where it was when he left. She was in a good place leading the world. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  8. We have too many armed puppets Maybe America will wake up when these armed puppet come to their home.
    A country did that in 1939. Government raided the people. It looks like we are on that road.

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