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Pelosi Butt of Joke by Senator Kennedy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is having a pretty rough week in terms of getting clowned on national TV.

Just a few days ago, CNBC’s Jim Cramer called her “Crazy Nancy” on live TV, something that clearly did not sit well.

Now, Senator Kennedy (R-LA) cracked a joke on Hannity that really has her all twisted up.

Tide Pods

Remember when all the millennials were tossing down Tide Pods to get their 15 seconds of fame?

Well, according to Senator Kennedy, that seems to be the reason Pelosi has been off the rails as of late…

What makes it even funnier is how deadpan Kennedy is when he drops the line.

Pelosi Giving In

Speaker Pelosi had drawn a line in the sand around May regarding a stimulus package.

After the House passed the HEROES Act, it did not seem like Pelosi wanted to give in at all.

Later, Trump gave the order for Republicans to hold firm, stating that he would use executive orders to pass whatever was needed on a temporary basis if Pelosi did not want to come to the table.

Eventually, Pelosi stated that she would drop a $1 trillion from her bill if Republicans were willing to come up by the same.

Republicans held firm, so Pelosi walked away and was ready to let the House go on fall recess when the more moderate members of the party finally fought back.

With pressure from battleground state Dems, Pelosi finally agreed to keep the House in session until some type of agreement can be reached.

While all this has been playing out, Pelosi has been all over the place in terms of her public comments.

For instance, she has recently been saying “Mother Earth” is mad and striking back, which is why all these wildfires have been happening, even though numerous arsonists have been arrested related to the starting of the fires.

The more I think about it, the more I think Kennedy is right… Sucking down a few Tide Pods sure would explain a lot about Pelosi these days!

Source: American Digest

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