Pelosi Gets Her ‘Bipartisan’ Commission for January 6 Capitol Riot

The House Homeland Security Committee has finally agreed upon a bipartisan commission to study the January 6 riot at the Capitol.  

Chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) made the official announcement and Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) soon after stated that the proposal could hit the floor next week for a vote.  

Pelosi has been trying to get this commission through for months, and now there are some worries that the commission, while bipartisan, will not have the focus needed to truly address the root cause of the riot.  

The 1/6 Commission 

The new commission is supposed to be modeled after the 9/11 commission, which looked at the attack in every way possible.  

Pelosi has been adamant she only wants this commission to focus on that specific day, which is genuinely concerning to Republican leadership.  

We all know comments and actions by Democrats were all part of bringing this pot to a boil, which is exactly why Pelosi wants to keep the scope extremely limited 

House Minority Leader McCarthy (R-CA) has not given the commission a thumbs up yet, stating that he had not yet read all the way through the proposal as well as it being “very concerning” that the commission is not turned into a political hit job.  

On a similar front, two House members have requested more information about the pending cases for those arrested because of the Capitol riot.  

Reps. Chip Roy (R-TX) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) penned a letter to Attorney General Garland stating, “According to reports, more than 400 individuals have been charged with violations of federal law in connections with the Capitol events but we in Congress have little information about how the Department of Justice is handling these cases. 

“Those that damaged property and assaulted police officers on January 6th should rightfully face justice. However, the public outcry and hyperpoliticization of the events on January 6th may incentivize prosecutors to use overly aggressive tactics, overcharge, and the abuse of power of the federal government in order to satisfy favored political groups.” 

I will absolutely keep an eye on both issues, but specifically the commission to see if it turns into just another weapon to go after Trump or it truly looks at how we got to the point of our Capitol being breached by protesters.  

Source: Fox News 

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31 Responses

  1. Why are they not looking into the videos of Antifa members escorted into the capital by security agents? Please do not tell us that the videos are of “misinformation”. The Democrats are out to destroy President Trump at all costs and by whatever means necessary, just as they did to General Flynn. Why are you Republicans allowing such actions?

    1. I would almost guarantee that there were MANY BLM and ANTIFA scumbags who were wearing MAGA hats and Trump signs that did the most damage and there were some Trump supporters who got caught up in the moment. Cities across the country burned due to riots by the 2 mentioned groups above and many deaths but our Government just don’t care because they can’t connect President Trump to them so you see, we Americans don’t matter.

    2. I agee ! The Democrooks are what they are!! Everyone of them starting with Palosi on down need to be prosicuted for high treason for trying to overthrow the President of the United States under lies and false accusations!!!!

      1. Yes, they are traitors no doubt. However it looks like they are above the law. They got away with all they have done & still are getting away with it. It’s very showing that Biden is corrupt like Obama. Guess they learned from each other. Looks like they have successfully brought a communist agenda to us & maybe our Military too because they aren’t stopping it either. Our kids are in for a rough ride. So sad 🙏🇺🇸

    3. I agree with you John. Every time I open my e-mail its a Republican asking for money. I don’t send it but I sure tell them I will not send not one cent until I see what they can do about all this going on and doing nothing about it. I’m so frustrated with the Republicans. I’m still so angry with most of them standing by letting Trump be treated so badly. They have their own democrats — Como–Newsom–and they set back and ignore it. That’s not right and something needs to be done. Pelosi is friends with both of them and turns her back. Sorry, now to get back to the Jan 6th. It came out that Trump did not cause the riot however somehow Pelosi by something she said and she is apparently trying to get herself off by bringing the ones she knows to investigate.

  2. They want to make it limited to the one thing because they r responsible for all the rioting in USA including the capitol. It was all a Polosi and Shummer set up. BLM and Antifa belong to vice president Harris and other Dems. Hell they collected money and Harris went down and bailed them out. And their still rioting. Harris needs to stop them now.

    1. I agree Pelosi and schumer are responsible for far more negative actions and must be investigated.

  3. I’d just be really happy if the House (and Senate) would spend their time focusing on the business at hand for our citizens. I’m thinking there has been almost a year and a half (maybe more) that all “state” business has gone by the wayside to promote other items and wants/wishes for the Congress. Let’s see what you all can do for your “bosses”, the citizens of our country, and solve at least some of the pressing issues and crises.

  4. This entire “insurrection “ thing the Dems keep claiming is a Lie !! I wouldn’t even call it a riot . Pelosi , the Dems and the media are all a bunch of Sickos !!

  5. Is Pelosi serious? She planned the violence and the abrupt stop to the counting of the electoral votes. Unfortunately Vice President Pence and Mitch McConnell failed to go through with the correct counting. The plan was in place days before the electoral count. Weakness leads to disaster in any government. Stalin , Hitler, Rommel all are guilty of this. They don’t have the Constitution that the Americans have. This is a failure of a Rep.of San Francisco. District 12. And if someone does not step up Pelosi will walk. I’m sick and tired of the stupidity of this no Common Sense approach. As far as I’m concerned she and others have gone way past our Constitutional RULE OF LAW. STOP IT. REMEMBER ONE DISTRICT OUT OF 2995 districts in the United States.

  6. Trump’s supporters were at the Ellipse..SIXTEEN DC CITY BLOCKS AWAY FROM THE CAPITOL. There is videos on Right Side Broadcasting network…they stood there over over four hours listening to speakers speak about protecting elections. Trump invited himself and finished speaking 30 minutes after the riot began. His supporters did not walk after waiting in the cold all morning 16 city blocks to the capitol, riot and then walk 16 city blocks back to the ellipse for their busses……this whole thing is a con job….non of those people in congress at the time ever saw those videos….lies of omission once again by the democrats

  7. If this “commission” turns into an “Anti-Trump” vendetta and through their actions tries to railroad, President Trump, I would not be surprised if some had to worry about a consensus for a 2nd Civil War, because Trump is very well regarded by many citizens.

  8. Why do we continue to question the motives of this administration? It is as plan as the nose on your face what is going on. Open your eyes and look around.

  9. I guess murder is ok as long as it doesn’t interfere with money from Soros and China. CUT IT OUT, WOULD YOU PELOSI. AND SOMEONE STEP INSIDE THE “RULE OF LAW”. As I don’t believe anyone has the guts to do. Let’s see. We elected you, now, let’s see what you have got. PLEASE.

  10. Mid term elections are coming up. Very simple solution to solve it all. ((((( Vote the democrats out of office ))))).
    You want to get rid of Polosi, Waters, Omar, and the rest of the Dino’s, Vote them out. All you people have a choice
    every two years. Yet year after year, they are still voted back into office. {{{{{ WHY }}}}}?????? IT’s because good people do nothing. When are good people going to have there fill of Traitors??? A lot of good people in fact did vote last election.
    But not enough. More have to step up and be counted.
    Everyone has to inform there representatives in The House and Senate They work for us.
    The general public is there boss.
    And if they can not except that, then get out, there not wanted.
    The Constitution and the bill of Rights are the Two most important documents ever written in the history of mankind for any Government. Good people have an obligation to protect them at all cost.
    Stand up for your country. STAND UP FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
    Bless you all.

  11. There should be a term limit for Congress, then maybe all the rats will be gone! We all know this is to get President Trump! They had BLM and ANTIFA with all those riots and destruction which the Demorats paid for yet nothing has been done about that! I guess it is because they hold themselves above the law! I hope the hell in 2022 we take back congress, which is what they are afraid of that is why Biden is doing the wall again!

  12. BLM and antifa riots. Arson. Looting. Death and physical injury. Not just once, but numerous! These riots continue
    in Portland Oregon. Yet Pelosi, Schumer AOC stood by and continue to stand by in silence. Over 50 police officers killed during the riots through out the nation a hell of a lot more than the maintstream media’s sensationalized cop shootings on blacks. Pelosi is on a mission for her personal gain. Her personal hatred of President Trump. Yet Pelosi doesn’t have to abide by masking and social distancing. We the people are being Punked by this despot know as the house speaker.

  13. Pelosi has had 6 months to hide her involvement into her conspiracy for her part!! I wonder how much it cost her to get rid of the cop that shot Ashley Babbitt and not face the consequences for her actions that day?

  14. I have two questions.
    Who killed Ashli Babbitt?
    When is he/she going to tried for murder?

  15. Piglosi is a traitorous rat! She is unfit to be speaker! wHEN will the republicans and the Dems who hate her get together and oust her? Vacate the speakers’s chair and kick her out of congress!

  16. I feel certain that Pelosi qas and is behind the event since she was in charge of the Capitol grounds om 1/6 and had known about it beforehand! What a scumbag!!!

  17. 1-6 Comm should examine ALL sides of issue
    & NOT for damn politics.
    & Oh yes I feel Nancy & Schumer were IN ON riot day IE 1-5 or earlier or early AM 1-6
    IE phone, text, from riotters.
    Didnt see any panic from Dems save those in Chambers day 1


  19. PELOSI can go to hell with her so called “bi-partisan” commission, made up of all Democrats and RINOS, she isn’t fooling anybody !!! Well, at least they will drag out their “investigation”(witch hunt) until they have spent billions of our dollars and Trump is once again President in 2024, then he can disband them and erase everything that they have done !!! WHAT A BUNCH OF LIBERAL RETARDS !!!!

  20. When will Pelosi be charged with dereliction of duty (at least) for her repeated dismissal of requests by Trump and the Capital Police for extra people to protect the Capital prior to the 6th? It’s obvious she was ready and willing to “protect it” AFTER the 6th!

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