Pelosi Gets Hysterical Over Possible Overturning of Roe v. Wade

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is having a legitime meltdown.

The idea of Roe v. Wade being overturned has sent her into a frenzy.

In both her latest email and TV appearances, she comes off as desperate and, quite frankly, unstable.

Losing Her Mind

Pelosi sent out an open letter to Democrats on Monday.

In the letter, she stated, “With this draft ruling striking down the nearly 50-year-old precedent of Roe v. Wade and undermining the constitutional right to privacy, Republicans would rip away women’s right to make the most intimate and personal decisions.”

She continued, “Republicans have made clear that their goal will be to seek to criminalize abortion nationwide.

“Republican state legislators across the country are already advancing extreme new laws, seeking to arrest doctors for offering reproductive care, ban abortion entirely with no exceptions, and even charge women with murder who exercise their right to choose.

“These draconian measures could even criminalize contraceptive care, in vitro fertilization, and post-miscarriage care, dragging our nation back to a dark time decades into the past.”

Pelosi was also challenged on “Face the Nation” regarding why Roe was not codified when Dems had Congress when Obama was in office.

She very much sounded like Joe Biden while giving her answer…

As I have stated before, the real reason is that Democrats do not really want to codify Roe because then the issue would be settled.

They need abortion to stir up the pot, which is why they are pushing legislation so hard now when they know they don’t have the numbers to pass it.

Sources: Daily Caller & Newsmax

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31 Responses

  1. Just like th rest of her cohorts, she has gone way past her prime. She is a poster child for term limits. She and her ilk have become drunk with power. Steps must be taken soon to remove her and many, many others in Congress.

    1. We always talk about term limits. Let me just say something about “term limits”. We have elections to vote people out of office who do not perform according to their promises. WE THE PEOPLE can certainly enact term limits at the voting booth. People need to research the candidates that are running for elected office. No more just voting by name recognition. Our country is in dire straights and WE THE PEOPLE need to stop being stupid and do some research, WE THE PEOPLE are empowered to set termslimits in the voting booth.

      1. First COS is in place to not only put term limits on members of congress it guarantees incumbents cant re-run for office, Second its not just about term limits but pay scales, insider trading, profiting off of lobbyist, Foreign campaign money, members of Congress must live in the state they represent and law for me apply to thee. Many, many more so i support the COS to put a cap and lid on our politicians.

    1. Pelosi is guilty of treason,she allowed Jan 6 to happen. President Trump offered 20,000 national guard troops for security on the 6th,Pelosi and the DC police chief refused the offer. They had a plan and that plan was to blame President Trump for the riot that took place. Pelosi is a mean vindictive person just like China Joe. When republicans win back the house,Pelosi will be investigated and might even be charged with treason and might even be sent to prison.

      1. Correct Enrique….Agree. The Whole *Obama*Biden*admin* needs to be tried in front of a Military Tribunal for *Treason*Tyranny*Espionage* to name a few.

  2. The first thing is for the Conservatives to take back the Senate as well as the house. The next thing is to initiate a quick investigation on everyone involved in Treason and Corruption. That should only take about two months. There is already an abundance of evidence to charge everyone with the Treason and Corruption.

  3. Nancy Pelosi is nuts. She always has been nuts, but everyone on the left and right let her get by with all her shenanigans because they were scared of her. She knows exactly what the true meaning is behind the Supreme Court decision, but she acts like they just did something horrible to satisfy the progressives. It’s one BIG GAME to her. Just shuffle around the wording.

    1. They are only stirring this up so loud now to keep the women to not vote Rep!!! Thats why Shriffly let it leak in the first !!! I know how to spell but thats what I call him .

  4. I don’t’ care where Piglosy goes just so she goes far away from our government and takes /Biden/Kamala with her. I have had more then enough of this un- American so called leadership.

  5. I can’t judge that’s God’s job but I can say that’s not how practicing Catholic’s think.

  6. Why are the Liberals so afraid of turning this over to each individual state!!??!!! Are they afraid if it goes to the voters, they’ll vote against it!!??? That’s called DEMOCRACY Nancy! Oh that’s right, you don’t like that word!

  7. If Nutty Nancy’s IQ was two points higher it would be the same as a stick and that’s an insult to the stick

  8. It’s obvious this idiot never understood Roe v Wade to begin with. If this is overturned abortions will still be available in most states. If not then you can go to another state for an abortion. This is a non issue here in California-Newsom (Pelosi’s nephew) is encouraging women to come to Cali for their abortion. Also Newsom is encouraging all homeless people in the US to come here also. He wants Cali to be the Abortion and Homeless capital of the country. Go figure. As usual Nancy doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She is the poster child for abortion I must say. She should’ve been aborted.

  9. Nancy
    You are so pickled from alcohol use and drugs, you are no longer aware of how demented you sound. Its time you need to step down and if you are standing on top of the Washington Monument at the time you step down that’s even better. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE NO USE FOR YOU OR YOUR DEM BUDDIES, can’t wait until November 22.

  10. But, our country is founded not on word ,>democracy which comes and goes. It always fail in other countries. Our forefathers use the word “Republic for which it stands” ‘ means a strong nation’ (Republic)

  11. Both Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi need to get down on their knees and ask God for forgiveness. These two hypocrites are not Catholic, they are full-blown atheists. Wake up Catholic Democrats! Get them out of office! Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t Mix Religion with Politics”? Truer words were never spoken?

  12. So Pillouser when your head explodes when roe is done will ya do it on National tv I need a good laugh, and then I’ll sing the song in the Wizard of Oz out loud to commiserate your loss!

  13. I’d love to ask Pelosi why she is all upset about reversing R v. W,? Why does she brag about her Catholic faith, but wants the rights to abortions, which is really murder? Has she sold her soul to Satan and she thinks because she is a Catholic, she’s different and she will go to Heaven, when in reality, she’s risking her eternity. The Lake of Fire is pretty hot and there’s no way out or no way getting to heaven, then. Same thing with Biden… he claims he is a Devout Catholic but supports abortion… all for the few votes they may get. They’ve sold their souls to Satan, too! Think about it.

  14. Wow! Isn’t this the exact opposite of what she said about the Obama health care bill? To paraphrase, you have to read it to know what’s in it. Seems now she’s making up what she thinks is in the SCOTUS ruling BEFORE it is out officially from the court. We do not need nuts like this in leadership positions.

  15. She is drunken old demented hag, trying to stay in th game…A power hungry SOULESS creature…….Some of us blacks are so disgusted with the squad and stacy abrams and other black communist racists……We need to vote them all out weather u r dem or republican or what ur religion!!!!!!

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