Pelosi Gives Trump Administration 48 Hours Before Ending Stimulus Talks

Throughout these negotiations, it is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) that has been playing hardball.

I know Trump called off the talks at one point, but that was simply because Pelosi was refusing to budge an inch on her proposed plan.

When Trump reopened negotiations, for about five minutes, it looked like something would happen, but Pelosi shot down a $1.8 trillion package, and now, in an effort to make the GOP look like the bad guys again, she is setting a 48-hour deadline or will walk away.

The Deadline Has Been Set

If we had representatives in office that cared about the people legally living and working in this country, they would be bringing sleeping bags to work to get a deal done right now.

Instead, they are all playing games simply because what is going on in this country right now has zero impact to their lives.

Think about it… Pelosi can delay these talks for as long as she wants because she knows her paycheck will be there at the end of the week and the idiotic voters in her district will still re-elect her to office.

Because liberals do not hold their representatives accountable and conservatives do, it is just a waiting game, which Pelosi even suggested during her Sunday morning interview.

She stated, “We’re saying to them we have to freeze the design on some of these things.

“What is the language? … Shall is different from may.

“The difference amounts to this: When you say ‘may,’ you’re giving the president a slush fund. He may do this, he may grant, he may withhold.”

Those words ring hallow simply for the fact it is the GOP that has been begging to pass skinny legislation, meaning very targeted bills that would address specific areas of the stimulus.

It is Pelosi and her fellow Democrats trying to hide dream agenda funding in the stimulus, NOT Republicans and surely not President Trump.

Furthermore, if Pelosi and Democrats would simply work with this President rather than put up roadblocks every chance they can, Trump would not even have to look at reallocating funding for things like the border wall.

Do your job, Nancy… sit down, negotiate a bill, and stop playing games while American workers and small business owners are being forced to sit on the sidelines.

Source: Washington Examiner

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