Pelosi Hangs Justices Out to Dry

Last week, the Senate passed a unanimous bill to provide additional security for all justices.

With the anticipation of Roe v. Wade being overturned, protests have already erupted at the homes of our justices, which is actually against the law.

Because the threat is primarily against conservative justices, Pelosi blatantly refuses to put the bill on the floor.

Not My Job

If there were a threat against liberal justices, that bill would fly through the Senate just as easily and you better believe Pelosi would have that legislation on the floor for a vote.

Instead, Pelosi is hanging them out to dry.

This was her answer when asked if she would put the Senate bill on the floor…

I floated an idea last week and got laughed at, but now I am going to double down.

Is it possible that Pelosi wants to see a justice or multiple justices injured, possibly killed, so Biden can add more liberal justices to the bench?

After all, with the voting habits of Chief Justice Roberts, if they get one more seat, they more or less have the advantage.

We have all seen how quickly protests go sideways, so why not play it safe and give the justices and their families extra protection?

There is only one answer to that question and sadly, it is that Pelosi is hoping harm comes to them.

Convince me I am wrong.

Do you think I am way off on this line of thinking?

Tell me what you think in the comments section below.

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74 Responses

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      1. Pelosi’s no more a Catholic than Biden is. She’s pure evil and so is he. The penalty for high treason used to be execution.

        1. They are democrat. Punishment is only for republicans. Funny, before that statement of wishing the judges were killed, I thought that was her reasoning (or lack of any brain cells) as well.

        1. No, your comparison is incorrect, King Saul was a good man and annointed by God until he went bad from pride! There isn’t, and never has been, ANYTHING good about Pelosi. She is evil like Biden and always has been. Her church has banned her and someday she will meet her maker.

          1. Amen to that! I feel the same way. Has greed and power become too much for the demon-rats that they don’t know right from wrong anymore?

      2. That’s where her and the Dems. are going, most anyway if they don’t change their corrupt, rotten, satanic ways.
        She is one evil person and just keeps getting worse.

    2. Arrest her she has broke so many laws stealing, from taxpayers, inside information, that alone would put her in prison, taking taxpayers money to pay for her and family vacations, bull pay for your own out of the illegal amount of money you steal every day

      1. ANd her son being one of the board members taking Ukraine money. No wonder she is protecting Biden.

        They sure make sure they are protected. And if a SC justice is killed after the Nov election she will be out as speaker and no liberal justice will be approved.

    3. Piglosy should be careful what she wishes for as she just might get a surprise and I would laugh at her all the way to prison.

    4. I would care less if I read in the paper N^a^n^c^y P^e^l^o^s^i had a good heart attack or stroke. Same for her h^e^a^t^h^e^n buddies in Congress and their financiers. Pray daily, God delivers.

  1. Pelosi is not the leader of the Democratic party. She takes her orders from elsewhere, just as Biden does. The law needs to be enforced period. Demonstrators must be arrested and prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.
    The people of this country need to find out who is giving the orders and terminate them with extreme prejudice.

  2. Pelosi Needs to be OUT of a job. Why don’t some other states send their national guard to protect the justices if OUR OWN GOVT won’t

  3. Everyone knows that Pelosi is the wicked witch of the west. She should not be allowed to rule even one more day in the US House of Representatives, instead should be charged, arrested, convicted, and executed for her crimes against the citizens of the US, crimes against humanity, treason, and as a traitor for complicity with the Communist Red Chinese Party and Army, with the Biden Crime Family and the Clinton Crime Family. She has sold out to enemies of the USA. I would think that a blind man with a guide dog should be able to find the evidence to the courts enough to convict her. We should have enough visible evidence just in the replay of the Fake News Media good enough for conviction of all of her misdeeds and fraud against the people. She has broken her oath so many times that there is no way back for her! Time for the military tribunal and Nancy to come face to face!

    1. Thank you, that is exactly how I have felt for a long time, it could be Soro’s as he got his money by robbing all the Jews house after they were removed from their homes. How he became a Citizen of the United States is beyond my way of thinking

  4. Pelosi is still upset that the Catholic Church won’t permit her to take communion because of her actions in reference to killing of babies. But, according to her, she’s a “good” Catholic, just like Sleepy Joe Biden. Just Like Biden, she’s only out for herself. She doesn’t give a damn about anyone or anything that she doesn’t want or believe in. So, what’s a Supreme Court body count, justices and their families, to her? She should be impeached immediately for being a sneaky and dishonest Speaker of the House. The House is no more transparent than is the White House.

  5. Today’s Demorat’s are a party of lies and communist thieves and hate America, therefore should be deported.

    1. Amen ! Exactly deport every single one of them. On their way out revoke citizenship so they can’t just fly back

  6. I agree totally. She’s even more pissed off now at Christians . The archbishop in San Francisco told her no communion. She shouldn’t be allowed in any church. She is a prophet of the devil, through and through. The devil will stop at nothing to do his evil.

  7. Nanny Pelosi is following the same playback that she followed on January 6th. Not providing security for the justices is her way of making something happen. But she should be careful, she won’t be in charge much longer and then she will be the one getting subpoenas!!!

  8. Once again pelosi doesn’t do her job. If something doesn’t have to do with her Jan. 6th witchhunt, then she ignores it. The judges & Supreme Court building should be protected.
    There should be armed people stationed & use their weapons on anyone trying to burn,loot,or endanger any innocent American People. We saw what happens when you let people break the law with no consequences a couple of summers ago.
    Violence is solved with violence.
    FJB !!!!

    1. Think the VA national guard needs to be called up. Fix bayonets and teach them how to use the rifle but. Have them guard the SCOTUS homes. Any one that protested in front of their home, order them to do what they were trained to do. Charge them with terroristic threats and hate crimes in federal court. Hold them for at least a year in the same jail that the 1/6 people are in. Then try them.

  9. Nancy Pelosi and her elderly cronies have ALL ”stayed too long at the fair’. She thinks one way and has lost all sense of reason and fairness. At this point, and with Biden and Harris there, she probably thinks of herself as the President. She’s delusional on ALL levels. Now she stays in Washington for the benefits and power. I’m sure Mr. Pelosi encourages her to work work work for his own peace of mind and sanity. After all, if he’s normal and reasonable (a supposition) how in the world can he have this moron around?

  10. I pray that GOD will sed His Mighty Angels to protect all of the Justices and their families and all who speak the Truth for God’s Values in this Nation. Amen. Thank You Father GOD for hearing and answering our prayers.

  11. She hates Trump and Trump supporters,, hates Christians, she hates Republicans and she caused the Jan. 6 insurrections by not having the 30,000 National Guard and alert Capital Police instead she told them to stir up to make Trump and Trump supporters

  12. If anyone of the SUPREME Court justices their clerks or family members get hurt CHARGE PIGLOSI with ACCESSORY TO THE MATTER AND CHARGE HER WITH MURDER 1 IF ANYONE OF THEM DIE

  13. All I say she is evil, evil, evil a servant of satan, I pray that God will intervene with his protective power and protect all of HIS family, God bless America, please.

  14. Satan has gotten into the hearts of many of our DC swamp people. Once in, he hardly ever leaves.

  15. I think all the above have summed it up very well. Surely there must be a reason for the old addage—- only the good die young!!!

  16. Follow the law! Judges, all judges, not just left leaning judges; not just the Supreme Court judges, but all judges must be protected from the fools running loose. Get that Pelosi Person out of Congress.

  17. Pelosi is truly wicked. However, I’m willing to bet that none of our scotus justices have a spread with walls and gates like I expect she has. Oh, I totally forgot. SHE’S SPECIAL.

    1. Don’t forget that Biden had the taxpayers pay for his fencing at his lake house. That is probably against the law, but nobody is telling him he can’t do that!!

  18. Pillouser the Rule of Law around enough now she’s inciting violence against Supreme Court Justices wouldn’t and God forbid something did happen it would make her an accessory and she could also be charged inciting an insurrection let’s charge her with insurrection because that’s exactly what she’s doing she’s breaking the law! Let’s Go Brandon!

  19. yes they need to protect the SCOTUS but they also need to ARREST those that are protesting. this is a an appalling joke

  20. These people are POWER HUNGRY and they will stop at nothing to keep it
    I put nothing past Pelosi and these people in Washington on both sides, I hate the thought of these people making laws to rule our country because they are taking a beautiful idea that this country was founded on and just destroying it
    CURE- Term Limits
    All I ask and I’m sure I’m not alone from our leaders is to keep that dream alive

  21. I sure hope pelosi isn’t hurt or worse for not protecting the justices…Wouldn’t it be a shame if she was permantely acosted

  22. Pelosi and Biden and Harris – skunks of the same odor. “Rules for thee – not for me” is their creed. I think it is time for them all to go. But nobody near them has the fortitude to take out the trash.

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